Kimberlie Dykeman Focuses on Our Next Generation of Leaders!

2011 began with a bang, as Kimberlie Dykeman achieved her goal of attaining a literary agency to represent her future SOAPBOX® publications.  A latest update from her agent Chip MacGregor, founder of Oregon-based MacGregor Literary, has close to a dozen leading New York publishing houses reading and considering her manuscripts for her next books.  On top of it, next month the MacGregor team is heading to the world-renowned annual Book Expo America (BEA) held in NYC with strong faith in securing a book deal for the SOAPBOX® Queen! 

Kimberlie will follow her freshman book, “PURE SOAPBOX”, with the SOAPBOX® mini-series of motivation… a small-book series that speaks to and delivers realistic optimism to folks based on their phase of life.  With manuscripts completed for both stressed-out entrepreneurs and burned-out 9-to-5ers, she is hard at work penning her signature SOAPBOX® vignettes specifically for wet-behind-the-ears graduates!  This year Kimberlie re-crafted her speaking platform to address the educational and emotional needs of college students and has witnessed a warm-welcome to her seize-the-day bite-sized gems of forward-thinking, optimistic life lessons…making this a viable category of readers for her next book.

“We all started off as frazzled freshmen at one time, leaving the safe hub of home for campus life, and ended up college grads facing the reality-check of a lifetime!”  says Kimberlie.  “This generation’s experience of entering “today’s real working world” is a downright grueling transition without the right support, attitude, and tools.  I feel a string calling to be catalytic in the lives of our next generation of leaders, teaching students to think, work, learn and live with more purpose, less anxiety and unshakable optimism for their futures.”

As Kimberlie’s scope and capabilities continue to grow, Kimberlie Dykeman Enterprises has sought to establish key relationships, mentors and inside help.  A solid new addition to the  team is Texas-born Jessica Cain, whose background is as diverse as her boss’s, including experience in the realms of real estate, video production and marketing.  Jessica serves the key role of executive assistant, with a keen focus on building relationships with Texas colleges and universities and mid-to-large-sized companies to secure Kimberlie as their go-to resource to create an ongoing culture of optimism!  


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