To motivate, educate & activate people to become healthier, happier, more purpose-driven human beings.

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Kimberlie Dykeman is a woman on a mission to educate, encourage and inspire people to work smarter, connect deeper, feel healthier, live happier and leave a greater legacy. Over a 20-year unconventional career path, she has evolved as an Executive Coach, Fitness Specialist, Motivational Speaker, Author, TV Host & Media Producer, Communications Strategist, Personal Assistant and Artist.

Indeed her career may look like an Etch-a-Sketch, but coming from a family of professors, athletes and community leaders, Dykeman’s drive to enlighten and help the masses is in her blood. Pair that passion for pulling the best out of people with seasoned business chops as an entrepreneur, and you get a self-starter with a lifetime supply of discipline, integrity and optimism. You’ll not meet another person like her.

Dykeman has always been a maverick going against the grain in every market she’s touched —refusing to be limited by small thinking or boundaries and pursuing the path less traveled. Literally. The Binghamton University graduate from Rhinebeck, NY has lived all over the U.S. and traveled internationally, earning respect as a thought trailblazer and building extraordinary relationships with industry leaders as a deft businesswoman.

Today, the hats Dykeman wears through her writing, humanitarian works, athletics, speaking, startup investing and art add priceless dimension to her craft as a Coach, Confidante and Wingman. And in just the manner she faces life, she strives to always be fearless, provocative and, above all, human in all of her pursuits in business.


Upon earning a BA from Binghamton University in Literature & Rhetoric, KD took to exploring the U.S. to seek out opportunities, careers, and cultures … and oddly enough, dove into the fitness arena as a Certified Personal Trainer. She dedicated four years researching and test-driving her own unconventional science & observation-based methodology that offers solutions for the greatest challenges facing leaders when business, lifestyle, technology, wellness and sociology collide.

In 1999, Kimberlie Dykeman Enterprises was ultimately established to launch KD’s Survival of the Fittest integrative coaching –a fully customizable platform that speaks to the high-pressure lifestyles of executives, entrepreneurs, startup and athletes –with a focus on men.

From this foundation, she grew into a motivational speaker, contributing writer to various publications, author of Pure SOAPBOX (2008), and brand-builder, creating the SOAPBOX® Evolution life performance product line.

In 2003 KD added a production division to support her work as an on-camera personality and producer in media & entertainment, bringing her personal style to TV & radio, web series, infomercials, live events and major celeb/thought leader interviews. KD’s savvy interpretation of the convergence of marketing, communications, global sociology and tech still draws businesses to secure her as a Communications Strategist, Campaign Launch Specialist and Relationship Developer.

In 2018, KD returned to her hometown of Rhinebeck, NY, taking time off to invest in family and tap her creativity, establishing a line of Vintage Architectural Art & Home Décor in the Hudson Valley. Grabbing her bootstraps, she elected to relaunch her coaching practice –carving out a fresh focus on Baby Boomers and HNW individuals, and expanding on her Wingman title to offer exclusive Concierge and Personal Assistant services.

KD has evolved her vast goals into a mini-enterprise, with all efforts designed to motivate, educate and activate folks to pursue life with newfound perspective, unshakable optimism and dynamic purpose. Kimberlie Dykeman Enterprises will forever advance in its innovation –layering business, communications and science with personal development and philanthropy for the greater good.



“Everyone needs someone in their corner to keep them on track.  Kimberlie’s practical approach to life reinforces the fact that attitude is everything, and humor goes a long way when facing life’s little struggles. So be prepared to be entertained and motivated to get your butt in gear!”  –  Betty O, COO

“Kimberlie is an active member of that select group of humans that know what they love to do, know what they do very well and live each minute of every day with passion and purpose. I’ve found her energy contagious, her ability to pick up and quickly understand new technologies impressive and her professionalism second to none!”  –  Rod H, SVP

“Kimberlie is the embodiment of high energy with a spunky character. I had a blast working with her and would recommend her – but you better have a seat belt!”  –  Alton M, CEO

“No matter how many people are in the room, you feel likes she is speaking to you. Her words give you a powerful dose of reality!”  –  Nathan G, VP, President & Co-Founder

“Kimberlie is undoubtedly one of the most driven and capable people I have had the pleasure of knowing. Beyond her impressive working knowledge of human behavioral systems it is Kimberlie’s proactive approach to her own life and work that inspires confidence, builds trust and productive working relationships.”  –  Jonjozuf H, Founder

“Like an espresso shot for your heart… prepare to laugh, prepare to think, and prepare to be more and more excited about your life.”  –  Owen E, Award-winning Author & Screenwriter

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