…it makes you feel like you can take on the world

The right WINGMAN carries some of your burdens and helps you drive through stress and chaos, thrive in your career, triumph over challenges, find clarity, and avoid the potholes. Encourages you to shift gears and delegate. And allows you to take time for what really matters and breathe life back into your LIFE.

Take a look around.

Local. Connected. Trusted. Savvy. Creative. Resourceful. Awesome.

Think of the countless times you’ve wished someone would’ve had your back and simply taken care of things. That’s exactly why a savvy, trusted businesswoman offering on-the-fly, comprehensive, concierge support is pretty damn priceless. Well, here I am. I’m Kimberlie Dykeman… the only WINGMAN you need.



“Kimberlie is the consummate professional, dynamic and charismatic. She is dedicated to continuous self-improvement and helping others achieve their very best. You can’t help but be energized in her presence.”  –  Alan B, EVP

“Kimberlie is one of those rare treasures you come across in the business world. Her energetic personality, dynamic presentation style and deep desire to make a difference in the lives of others is inspiring. ANY organization would be well advised to leverage the wisdom and knowledge this dynamo package has to offer.”  –  Steve H, CEO, Author, Strategist

“Her professional skills go beyond explanation because she’s more of a natural born talent. She is destined for big things so I would recommend getting to know her sooner than later.”  –  Andrew S, Director & Producer

“I will only recommend Kimberlie to A players, the rest should stay on the porch.”  –  Steve S, Founder & Sr. Biz Dev Consultant

“Kimberlie is a great example of what humanity can be like when we find ourselves focused and believing in our true potential.”  –  Dex C, CEO

Never have I worked with a more dedicated, hard-working, self-motivated, and talent than Kimberlie. She is a breath of fresh air… she approaches every project with genuine zeal and natural energy, and she enchants and engages everyone along the way. If you don’t believe someone can become your best friend in thirty seconds, watch Kimberlie in action!”  –  Randy H, Sr. Counsel, Founder & Advisor

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