Kimberlie Dykeman Chosen as National Spokesperson for Texas Company

Kimberlie Dykeman’s career has indeed run the gamut, from Executive Life Coach and national speaker to TV Host, published author and developer of her own product line.  Everything she accomplished has served to motivate, entertain, and educate people to become active citizens with purpose and unwavering optimism, and her recently added title falls right in line with this way of thinking.  Though at first, you might not see the connection, Dykeman is now proud to call herself a crime-fighter! 


Kimberlie has signed on as the Spokesperson, Director of Marketing and Executive Media Producer of CONFIDA, an Austin-based counterfeit detection and intervention company that is indeed on the rise and gaining steam as it launches its full line of products and services online and reaches out to developing even larger customers globally.  In addition to serving as the company’s spokesperson and public persona, Kimberlie is also applying her branding and marketing expertise to create, produce and host all video-based marketing and educational videos for product packaging, web marketing, and PR. 

Specializing  in counterfeit transactions, CONFIDA has built a solid reputation for offering unparalleled detection and authentication products, hands-on service and customer education that collectively can protect both businesses and their customers from the frustration and trauma of counterfeiting crimes.  

Just how big is this problem?  Counterfeiting of cash, credit cards, check and IDs is a growing epidemic that costs businesses billions of dollars every year, impacting hard-working employees, loyal customers and communities at large.

  • Over $200 billion in counterfeit U.S. money is manufactured each year.
  • Credit card fraud is the #1 form of Identity Theft and Americans #1 fear
  • In 2010 there were $100 billion in fraudulent credit card transactions …costing insurers and merchants $8.6 billion in fees and fines
  • Over 750,000 jobs have been lost because of counterfeiting and piracy
  • 42 percent of  fraudulent purchases are made in person
  • 1 in every 20 Americans risks being a victim of identity theft

“Over the years I have represented hundreds of companies in short-lived projects, like media interviews, TV shows, live engagements and infomercials,” says Dykeman. “But I have always wanted to sink my teeth into an enduring spokesperson role with a company whose mission and work will have a truly global impact. CONFIDA is a perfect example of how I can extend my reach of positively influencing the public in a whole new marketplace. I am proud to call myself a crime-fighter!”

About CONFIDA:  a fraud detection and intervention company that specializes in counterfeit transactions, offering an exclusive product line and unparalleled preventative training and consulting services.  Revolutionary products.  Unbelievably Affordable. Easy to Use. Backed By 24/7 Support.   CONFIDA.  Safeproofing business one wallet at a time.

About Kimberlie Dykeman: a TV Host and Producer who has appeared in and produced a collection of hundreds of TV and radio shows, infomercials, commercials, live events and online videos, working with companies like FOX, ABC, CBS, CMT, TLC, NBC, Entercom, Compass Learning, Jordan Direct, Creative Nations, and AMS Pictures.  She is also a dedicated philanthropist, nationwide speaker and published author whose SOAPBOX® product line is rooted in leveraging famous quotes to ignite optimism. 

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