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successories logoThe folks at the world-renowned marketplace motivation hub,  Successories  have engaged Kimberlie Dykeman  to help them motivate the masses!  Successories, the celebrated originators of motivational posters and the “authority of recognition”, have been tapping the power of social media and  video-loaded e-newsletters to keep close communications with its growing client base.  Showcasing Dykeman’s gift for infusing vignettes with jolts of poignant wisdom, Successories is now adding another layer to its offerings of bringing perspective, optimism and purpose to each company’s work environment and to each employee’s individual home life.  Here is a first installment of Dykeman’s SOAPBOX® mini-motivation in the Successories latest update.  Keep tuned to see more developments from the new relationship between Successories and Kimberlie Dykeman Enterprises.


About Successories:   Successories was founded in 1985 in Aurora, Illinois and started as a catalog based company featuring motivational and recognition items targeted primarily at businesses. Since then, the company has steadily grown to a multi-faceted brand with over 10 million business and consumer customers. The first Successories retail store opened in 1991 with the Successories.com website launching in 2000.   Successories is uniquely positioned as the leading source of motivational media. Under the leadership of its new and dynamic owners, business icons Ted & Warren Struhl, Successorieswill continue motivating employees, lifting spirits, and spreading positive social messages throughout the work and home environment. Successories products are designed specifically to promote important organizational values that recognize and inspire the people who make a difference, and to encourage excellence in every endeavor. The Successories team is committed to continuous innovation and improvement to meet the ever-changing needs of its customers.

About Kimberlie Dykeman:  Kimberlie Dykeman is a TV Host, International Spokesperson, Producer, Marketing Maven, Published Author, Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur for OPTIMISM!   YouTube Channel www.puresoapbox.com

Kimberlie Dykeman was booked by Casting Director Brenda Ambrize for upcoming regional commercial campaign for the Bank of Oklahoma, to be aired in Albuquerque, NM; Fayettevile and Bentonville, AK; Pheonix, AZ; Kansas City, KS; Kansas City, MO; Tulsa and Oklahoma City, OK; Dallas, Ft. Worth and Houston, TX; and Denver, CO.  The commercials are produced by NY powerhouse production company Collective NY.

About Kimberlie Dykeman:  TV Host, International Spokesperson, Commercial Talent, Producer, Marketing Maven, Author  YouTube Channel  www.puresoapbox.com

TX Booking Agent for Kimberlie: Wilhelmina Brown

2011 began with a bang, as Kimberlie Dykeman achieved her goal of attaining a literary agency to represent her future SOAPBOX® publications.  A latest update from her agent Chip MacGregor, founder of Oregon-based MacGregor Literary, has close to a dozen leading New York publishing houses reading and considering her manuscripts for her next books.  On top of it, next month the MacGregor team is heading to the world-renowned annual Book Expo America (BEA) held in NYC with strong faith in securing a book deal for the SOAPBOX® Queen! 

Kimberlie will follow her freshman book, “PURE SOAPBOX”, with the SOAPBOX® mini-series of motivation… a small-book series that speaks to and delivers realistic optimism to folks based on their phase of life.  With manuscripts completed for both stressed-out entrepreneurs and burned-out 9-to-5ers, she is hard at work penning her signature SOAPBOX® vignettes specifically for wet-behind-the-ears graduates!  This year Kimberlie re-crafted her speaking platform to address the educational and emotional needs of college students and has witnessed a warm-welcome to her seize-the-day bite-sized gems of forward-thinking, optimistic life lessons…making this a viable category of readers for her next book.

“We all started off as frazzled freshmen at one time, leaving the safe hub of home for campus life, and ended up college grads facing the reality-check of a lifetime!”  says Kimberlie.  “This generation’s experience of entering “today’s real working world” is a downright grueling transition without the right support, attitude, and tools.  I feel a string calling to be catalytic in the lives of our next generation of leaders, teaching students to think, work, learn and live with more purpose, less anxiety and unshakable optimism for their futures.”

As Kimberlie’s scope and capabilities continue to grow, Kimberlie Dykeman Enterprises has sought to establish key relationships, mentors and inside help.  A solid new addition to the  team is Texas-born Jessica Cain, whose background is as diverse as her boss’s, including experience in the realms of real estate, video production and marketing.  Jessica serves the key role of executive assistant, with a keen focus on building relationships with Texas colleges and universities and mid-to-large-sized companies to secure Kimberlie as their go-to resource to create an ongoing culture of optimism!  


More about Kimberlie Dykeman: kimberliedykeman.com / puresoapbox.com  


Texas Women in Business has invited Kimberlie Dykeman to speak at one of their famously-filled Friday luncheons in March!  Kimberlie will present “SOAPBOX® Motivation . . . for the Overwhelmed, Do-It-All Woman!   Sparks of optimism and enlightenment to brave the roller-coaster of life”

About SOAPBOX® presentation:  FINALLY! Down-to-earth motivation without the recycled cheerleading or CANDY-COATING! Kimberlie delivers real meat-n-potatoes optimism by leveraging the wisdom of thought leaders from Andrew Carnegie to Lily Tomlin. SOAPBOX® Motivation is the true catalyst to help you face challenges, change your perspective, embrace the kid in you, eliminate obstacles, and seize the day! A swift kick of perspective, OPTIMISM, and purpose!

About TWIB: Ordinary Women Doing Extraordinary Things and Changing the World. Founded 2010.  www.texaswomeninbusiness.org 

Register and read more event details on Facebook!

On March 8th, 2011, the Women’s Information Network (WIN)  will honor the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day by presenting an unprecedented LIVE celebration in 10 cities across America and in 176 countries!   Kimberlie Dykeman will be there with bells on, rubbing elbows with icons like Suzanne Somers and Deidre Hall!!  The TV Personality & Radio Host, Motivation Expert and Author has been chosen as a featured speaker and panelist at the International Women’s Day Celebration Conference, www.InternationalWomensDay.org.  Leaders of The Women’s Information Network received a nomination from WIN associate, radio host and best-selling author Jennifer Wilkov, and, in turn, invited Kimberlie to speak in Houston, the one of 10 major cities where the conference will be held.  Additionally, the event will be broadcast to viewers across the globe.  Amazing women celebrities, athletes, political leaders, and experts will speak about women’s issues today and how we can “Enlighten Women’s Minds, Empower Women’s Hearts … for a Better World.”

Conference details:  www.InternationalWomensDay.org

Kimberlie’s Location City:

Hyatt Regency Houston
Houston TX 
Days & Times of Celebration in Houston:
March 7, 2011    Pre-Event Newtorking Gala Party    6:00 – 9:00pm
March 8, 2011   Full-day Celebration + Awards EVening  9am – 9pm
Tickets available, use “Kimberlie Dykeman” as referral name.

 About Women’s Information Network:   The premier media and social network for women is a “grassroots” community of women helping women worldwide in their personal lives, in their families, and in their businesses.  The organization is founded by Paula Fellingham and hold a mission is to strengthen women and families worldwide.  www.theWINonline.com

TV Personality & Radio Host, Motivational Speaker and Author Kimberlie Dykeman helps kick off RISE Global Week 2011 as a third-year returning session presenter for the annual conference.  Kimberlie’s presentation is entitled “SOAPBOX® Motivation …for the Stressed-Out Entrepreneur: Rousing Sparks of Encouragement to Brave the Roller-coaster of Independence”.  With a nod to her next book, Kimberlie’s session gives stressed-out entrepreneurs a unique perspective shift to learn how to enjoy the journey and live with clear purpose and unwavering optimism.  She has also been asked to toast the week with a signature SOAPBOX® vignette.   Having been a selected host in 2009 and 2010, she is again jazzed to participate in giving back to the community and helping fellow trailblazers.   DATE: March 7

TIME: 10-11:30am


 More details and directions to register found at:  www.riseglobal.org

ABOUT RISE: In its fifth year, RISE – a Relationship & Information Series for Entrepreneurs – is an annual conference series dedicated to providing a free forum for entrepreneurs to connect and exchange ideas that inspire the entrepreneurial spirit. RISE is a free conference for entrepreneurs of all types, providing a forum where you can connect and exchange ideas that inspire the entrepreneurial spirit.

More about Kimberlie Dykeman:  http://www.puresoapbox.com and http://www.kimberliedykeman.com

The After Hours Network, Houston‘s oldest entrepreneurial networking group, has invited Kimberlie Dykeman to speak to it’s 150+ active members.   Kimberlie will be in Houston to speak at the International Women’s Day Celebration Conference celebrating the 100th anniversary of Women’s Day.  Her presentation to the After Hours Network audience is entrepreneur-focused:

SOAPBOX® Motivation …for the Stressed-Out Entrepreneur: Rousing Sparks of Encouragement to Brave the Roller-coaster of Independence. 

For more information about the network and the event:  contact Jon King @  www.afterhoursnetwork.com

More info about Kimberlie Dykeman and the SOAPBOX® platform:  www.kimberliedykeman.com/blog  &  www.puresoapbox.com

Cedar Park Regional  Medical Center is kicking off 2011 with an incredible “New Year, New You!” event to excite the community about its new Healthy Woman Program…and asked Kimberlie Dykeman to join in!  Tapping her signature SOAPBOX® motivation, Dykeman crafted a special presentation for the audience the entitled: SOAPBOX® Motivation …for the Overwhelmed, Do-It-All Woman. 

Take-away TOOLS include:

  • HONEST assessment of your current reality
  • Realistic and optimistic GAMEPLAN to work smarter, think clearer, feel healthier, and live happier… TODAY
  • FRESH PERSPECTIVE of the power within you and the resources around you to create long-lasting change

Event also includes informational activities with physicians, fitness experts, and style advisors; refreshments and giveaways

Details for the FREE event:   Sunday, January 16, 2011  3-5pm at the Cedar Park Regional Medical Center Cafe.   http://www.cedarparkregional.com/HealthyWoman