PURE SOAPBOX Author Kimberlie Dykeman Joins Divine Caroline


Divine Caroline and Real Girls Media have added Kimberlie Dykeman to their stunning list of contributors who have motivate, entertain and educate women across the globe!  And DC’s message is right up the SOAPBOX queen’s alley, bearing the mantra: Share some words. Find an answer. Add your twist.


Click  HERE   to jump into Kimberlie’s studio with featured articles, excerpts from PureSoapbox.com and interesting nuggets!


About Divine Caroline:



There’s a new place where real voices rule. Where people can write and publish stories about anything that matters to them. It’s called DivineCaroline and it’s full of words and wisdom just the way you like them – dripping with honesty. What do we talk about? That’s up to you. We have 9 channels covering all facets of women’s lives, from Relationships and Travel to Careers and Emotional Well-Being.

     You can submit a story if you want or just see what everyone else has to say. So when you get a minute, please come and explore our stories, reviews and forums. Everyone’s welcome to browse and read and when you’re ready to participate, it’ll take just a few seconds to register. Yes, it’s free! Hope to see you soon at DivineCaroline.com


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