Last year Rohit Bhargava, blogger & SVP at Ogilvy 360 Digital Influence, launched his latest book “Personality Not Included”  to great accolades.  In response to a flurry of emails from women business owners who talked about how they were already intuitively using personality in their businesses, he has chosen to also launch a companion e-book.  The compilation book, entitled “Women of Personality”, is part of The Personality Project, and features 20 visionary female entrepreneurs sharing their stories of success.    Collectively they answered one simple questions:  How has personality helped you achieve success with your career or your business?


According to Bhargava, an elite marketer and renowned blogger, all showcased contributors qualify as some of the most visionary, approachable and interesting women in business today; and each of the participants was chosen because she has not only built a successful career for herself but has also made significant contributions to helping other women become successful as well.


I met Rohit for a spit-second at SXSW last year and we have since connected on the net to keep up and learn from one another.  Apparently he’d begun  following my career path via updates, reviews and tweets…for I have been honored as one of the chosen  entrepreneurs!    Read about this fascinating project and download your own FREE copy of the e-book, “Women of Personality”.

Kimberlie closes out March with another interview on San Antonio’s Great Day SA morning show on KENS 5. Producers had the newly published author on just days after her long-awaited book, PURE SOAPBOX, hit the shelves this past July!  The book is a compilation of bite-sized jolts of colorful, motivational commentary wrapped around the famous quotes of thought leaders and artists.  This time around, Dykeman will talk about the growing divisions of the SOAPBOX(R) brand and devoted fundraising efforts through her Motivation for Donation(TM) officially launching later this year. Other immediate developments include more books in the series, original mobile content, a radio show, online TV talk show, and a product line that is sure to motivate with a swift kick in the pants! PURE SOAPBOX  has earned national distribution, is published by Wiggy Press, an imprint of Dalton Publishing.
Show info::  Tuesday March 31, 2009 from 9:00am – 10:00am

Kens 5 Tv  San Antonio, Texas
About  Kimberlie Dykeman’s Motivation for Donation™ division of the SOAPBOX® brand:  As a Grassroots Fundraiser for the LANCE ARMSTRONG FOUNDATION, a portion of proceeds from book sales is donated to LIVESTRONG™.  Individuals, companies and other charities can further earn a portion of proceeds from sales when they make a large purchase or become an affiliate.    A SOAPBOX® Live Event  include fundraisers, VIP Toasts and speaking engagements. 
For more info: or  regarding corporate purchases, speaking engagements, Motivation for Donation™ info, etc.
austinwoman Magazine’s Tiara Tuesday  is known Austin-wide as a fantastic fundraising event and gathering some of the city’s strongest, most forward-thinking women.  In a passionate interest to help, Kimberlie Dykeman has offered up her time and money for this month’s event at Viva Chocolato!  The newly published author of Pure Soapbox will be toasting the night with excerpts from the book and donating a portion of all evening sales to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure.
LIVESTRONG  is the established beneficiary of a portion of all Pure Soapbox book sales, but I can dip into my own profits for any other causes and foundations I admire and yearn to help …and Komen is so deserving!  Plus any time spent with the austinwoman crowd is such a joy!”


Tuesday October 28, 2008 from 6:00pm – 8:00pm

3401 Esperanza Crossing
Austin, Texas
ENTIRE EVENT BENEFITS: Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure



Kimberlie Dykeman and Phenix & Phenix Publicity go back into the AMS studios  August 27th for the second shoot of author interviews for their Online Video PR Campaign and web-based Interview Series dedicated to authors and their stories.  This shoot features, among others, highly-acclaimed metafiction upstart, Ara 13 of Drawers and Booths and R.H. Martin of the uplifting, controversial, Children of Abraham.  The first episodes of “Shelf Life”, also found on YouTube, are finally at their new homebase channel at, an extension of Phenix’s site. Already booking its third selection of authors to be interviewed in October, the team of Dykeman and Phenix & Phenix is definitely solidifying its collective name as THE people to work with and THE channel for authors and speakers who want to capitalize on the power of the web!

Kimberlie is also a newly published author,please visit: , the online interview series executive produced and hosted by Kimberlie Dykeman, has officially launched and the time is ripe for authors and speakers to capitalize on the latest blossoming trend in the publicity world. Created by fellow author and speaker Dykeman and highly acclaimed Phenix & Phenix Publicity, the Shelf Life show concept of author/speaker-specific video presentations and marketing via Web2.0 and its social platforms has become the main chatter amidst the amidst leading PR, literature and leadership folk.  In a nutshell, the perfect emergence of the written word and spoken presentations with the empiracally powerful internet.



   San Antonio’s support for Kimberlie Dykeman continues!  Sister station to Austin’s KEYE, San Antonio’s KENS 5, will feature the Soapbox Queen as their special guest on the Great Day SA morning show July 9.  Dykeman released her uniquely motivational book, Pure Soapbox, just 2 weeks ago, and is making the rounds on the regional TV circuit to talk about how her trademark SOAPBOX™ motivates with a swift kick in the pants and stimulates real perspective change in people.  The PURE SOAPBOX website, offers readers a weekly SOAPBOX™ blog as a sneak-preview of the book’s message, as it applies to entrepreneur, empty-nester, and stay-at-home-Mom alike.  PURE SOAPBOX has earned national distribution and will be available in national retailers, including Target, Amazon & Barnes and Noble, beginning July 22, 2008.  Dykeman is published by Austin’s Dalton Publishing, and is represented by Phenix & Phenix Literary Publicists, one of the most recognized independent publicity firms for authors.


Get your fix of the SOAPBOX™ and order today!  PURE SOAPBOX




book coverThe PURE SOAPBOX  book release and signing party at Austin’s BookPeople was absolutely fabulous…flawless!  Standing room only!  Kimberlie Dykeman coordinated a truly refreshing spin on the “average” book release.  Friends, family and countless new faces from the Austin and surrounding areas crowded the event, enjoying champagne from Taste, sushi from Zen, “Sweeto’s” from Sweet Leaf Tea and Tito’s Vodka, and dessert from Amy’s Ice Cream.  Orders have begun pouring in to Dalton Publishing  as well as emails recounting the touching message and genuine entertainment of the whole evening….proving that, for the budding entrepreneur and lost empty-nester, the burned-out parent and newly-single divorcee…this book has got something in that hits home and inspires change.

“I am so jazzed to witness this excitement and enlightenment in people, says Dykeman.  “And to do it through the written word and simply standing on my little soapbox, is proof that the old fashioned way still works!”  

Thank you also the BookPeople staff, the Lance Armstrong Foundation, REI, Backwoods, Waterloo Records, Avant Salon, Big Top Candy Shop, Tribeza, Austin Woman Magazine, Huey Houston and Game Plan Marketing.


I just signed on as a new Grassroots Fundraiser for the Lance Armstrong Foundation, choosing LIVESTRONG™ to be the sole beneficiary of a portion of the proceeds from all book sales of Pure Soapbox.  Having been both intimately affected by cancer and seen friends also go through the trauma of this deadly disease, I view this as a one-of-a-kind opportunity to directly help this world-renowned charity and further inspire the global community to donate to the fight against cancer. Additionally, my websites, including , will have a direct link to my own LIVESTRONG™ Fundraising URL so visitors can freely post their own donations online, both in honor and anonymously. 




For more info:

ShelfLifeTV logo   The partnership between Kimberlie Dykeman and Phenix & Phenix Publicity has begun to take beautiful shape having wrapped the first shoot for its Online Video PR Campaign and web-based Interview Series dedicated to authors and their stories.  On its self-titled online channel, “Shelf Life” aims to deliver “Real People- Real Purpose- Real Perspective”.

  Since inking their deal, Dykeman and the team of literary publicists have been hustling to create a truly one-of-a-kind, cutting-edge interview experience for both the authors and the eventual audiences.  

KD and TS

“Seeing and hearing the authors speak of how their books came to be and their own interesting history literally breathes life into the pages.” says Dykeman, who carries the title of both Executive Producer and Host. “Audiences are going to be truly moved…expect to laugh and grab the tissues, folks!”

Authors included: Traci Slatton (Immortal) ; J.J. Austin, (It Starts With You!); Mark Pickering (Story of the Sand);  r.b. mitchell (Castaway Kid); Steve Simpson (Runaway);  Mike Thomas (A Harvest of Miracles) and Nate Self (Two Wars).



Dykeman’s relationship with Dallas’ AMS Production Group opened the door for their Austin studio to provide the perfect backdrop for this unique series.  Stay tuned for the official launch of coming soon.  More can be read on and