SOAPBOX shot in the arm Ep. 4: Ambrose Redmoon

Today’s SOAPBOX® shot in the arm is wrapped around a famous quote by Ambrose Redmoon, aka James Neil Hollingworth, a beatnik, hippie and writer.

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.”

The operative notion here is a four-letter word named Fear—that universal imp that can wheedle its way into the hearts of tycoon and street urchin alike. Undoubtedly, it has devilishly danced on shoulders and nestled pillows and furtively frolicked in boardroom and bedroom without fatigue. It sits at attention with laptop at arms, tapping abundance to the list of terrors and trepidations.

Certainly the immeasurable frights of worldly plight confetti our radar screens- we halt for a moment in an attempt to comprehend the pervasive dilemmas, yet our noggins have little space for the woes of the world.  But then we come right back to our own little spaces- mesmerized and manipulated by the effervescent horrors that chase behind our own footsteps… mountain and molehill-sized alike.

So, may I ask… What do you fear? What perpetually tattoos the deer-in-the-headlights look upon your brow? What scares the bejeezus out of you day or night? Death? Age? Marriage? Divorce? Love? Taxes? Unemployment? Uncle Sam? Silence? God? The Boogie Man? Solitude? Public speaking? Kids? No money? Failure? War? Not being happy? Not making a difference? Never becoming famous? Never finding true love?

Born out of ignorance or avoidance, maybe even genetic disposition, it breathes and breeds. And try as you diligently may to avoid its arrival in your filing-system’s frontal lobe, fear still creeps in like funk. It clenches you when you know there are great things at stake, great memories being made, great people sharing the fruits of your life. Oh, but circumstance offers but one determinant of how inflated any imminence of danger will grow. Luckily the size of the battle within you has the power to belittle these assumed omnipotent challenges. Trust in the idea that you are hardwired with the power to diminish the battalion of dreads and demons, equipping you to see the forest and the trees, and protect that which makes your life full of JOY and PEACE. You need only feed and fuel that fire of bravery to bore through and stand triumphant with love and loyalty, faith and fervor. So go forth with courage in heart, mind, and spirit that leaves little room for fear.

Never Stop EVOLVING.  ~ KD


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