EVOLVE or Decay Ep. 9: Building Blocks to Becoming a Better Man Part 4

In today’s EVOLVE or Decay episode, Kimberlie Dykeman ends her 4-part series on this concept of what characteristics help a guy become a better man, sharper leader, more communicative spouse, more compassionate friend, more inspiring father and more courageous human being. Closing out with vision to illuminate the Bigger Picture.

When we began a few weeks ago the goal was to define vital building blocks to revive your current state of understanding what and how to become a BETTER man- trashing the resolution-pressures of aspiring for NEW or PERFECT and instead elevating your idea, ideals and actions to fulfilling your concept of BETTER. After all, if you’ve been traipsing around on this earth for a handful of decades, there are plenty of things about you that will and can never change and some things that are really fantastic and worth keeping. But many men have a little or loud voice calling them to keep striving to be… keep upping the ante; and that voice has helped you develop strongholds on core values, mindsets and habits that are spot-on. Net-net: my goal has been to empower you to take the reins and drive your thoughts, words and actions in a direction that delivers more success and gratification in your journey.

We started with Authenticity to stay the path of the real you; Forgiveness to remain humble; from there we added the building blocks of Communication to connect with empathy and integrity; Courage to take risks and lead by example; and then we drilled down into Discipline to do your best work, always; and finally Rest (and recess) to reboot your body, mind and spirit. And that brings us to the final component that holds much broader and deeper meaning. The building block of VISION.

Vision to embrace your place in the world and illuminate the Bigger Picture. Some days you can feel so minuscule in the world. This isolated, pervading notion has the potential to stop you in your tracks and hijack the prophecy of your own great and unique influence. Think back to why you chose the path you’re on- of an executive, entrepreneur, statesman, business owner, manager, or educator. It was probably an idea that ignited your mind and soul to charge ahead to light a path for yourself and those you care about. But whether you punch a clock for someone else or carry your own brand, you are the head of your very own empire outside the walls of work. An empire whose influence on the Bigger Picture knows no boundaries but the ones in your mind.

Bringing all these building blocks into one light, a man who chooses to never stop evolving realizes that the next steps towards be a better man as a maker, influencer, teacher, motivator and fighter is to do it with the heart to help, provide for, inspire, and ignite others. Reaching beyond your own backyard, your fingerprint can impact countless lives today; your footprint may shift the future of a population you’ll never meet.

Elevating yourself to a higher rung of being, thinking, and doing with betterment as your guiding light is not a weekend effort and it’s not for the weak or worriers. But it’s worth the effort. After all, your very life is impacted by the plethora of thought leaders, inventors, and trendsetters who trekked the path of discovery before you to leave a positive wake in the world.
Trust that as you layer the building blocks of your growing value system, your unyielding devotion to a purpose will indeed illuminate the world beyond your immediate circle of impact. The average man has the means to step back and take in the Bigger Picture. A better man discovers the power and honors the duty to step forward and light it up.

Never Stop EVOLVING.  ~ KD

©2016 Kimberlie Dykeman

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