Leading up to my next podcast, titled “Is there an Arnold Palmer in You?”, I wanted to get you thinking about the icons of industries you admire. So, go ahead and pick one…

What do you know about him BEYOND his specialty or world of lauded achievement? When that enterprise CEO, thought leading inventor, record-breaking musician or invincible quarterback … is just a man juggling work, relationships, community, kids, church, etc. How does carry himself beyond his title, team or followers? Does he treat others fairly and equally and give back to his community? Does he treat women with respect and take responsibility for his words and actions. Is he patriotic? What about his ability to be humble, to take a joke or to reveal his flaws and failures?

It’s one thing to “like” someone for his abilities, but I’d look at the other boxes he need to have checked off. And ask yourself: Why would I lift up any guy whose values don’t at least mirror mine, let alone challenge or inspire me to work on improving my own?

You’re not a 5th grader anymore who thinks (insert name here) hangs the moon. You’re a grown man. If you find yourself doting over someone you’re dying to meet because of his image, make sure you’re not wasting valuable time, energy, effort or money on a guy whose hand you might not really benefit from shaking.

Net-net: Frankly, I think you owe it to yourself to sift through the idols on your list and pay more mind to the ones who drive you to keep evolving into a better man with each choice you make.

Never Stop EVOLVING.

~ KD

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