POP & ME (age 6)

“Coaches teach you how to win.”    Harvey Penick

Since the first race I ever ran, through launching multiple businesses, my pop has been a trusted coach, confidante and wingman.

Over the past decades, one of the key messages he has never wavered from is the importance of a coach. And to this day, he still speaks to his college coaches and mentors who continue to help him keep his cup full, so that he is able to serve others. An athlete, college professor, multi-sport official, entrepreneur, fitnesswear distributor, speaker, golf coach and humanitarian… who had a daughter follow right in his path. To help men just like him.

So, if you’re looking for someone who helps you thrive in your career, triumph over challenges and avoid potholes. Who reinforces your confidence and encourages you to shift gears. Who teaches you how to breathe life into your relationships and become, well, a better MAN…

YOU have to reach out and choose who will have your back. I’d love to be that person.


Gents, invest in yourself this holiday season. 
Ladies, show him you’re in his corner.

Never Stop EVOLVING  ~ KD



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