Kimberlie Dykeman has been courted and finally brought on-board as an Associate Producer for the upcoming network TV show entitled “Live 2B 100”, slated for broadcast Fall ’09.  Executive Producers from L.A. and Dallas are excited to tap Dykeman’s expertise both in front of and behind the camera, as an organizer, scriptwriter and on-camera consultant, as well as to connect with media and book national guests.  Dykeman, fellow production leaders and crew members head into the Studios 121 in Fort Worth, Texas this month to begin shooting initial episodes. 


About the show:    “Live 2B 100”  featuring Host Dr. Ted Gambordella is a health and wellness show for ages 40 and up, slated for broadcast Fall ’09 on a major cable network.  The central theme of the show addresses the frightening fact that in the year 2009, 33% of the population will be over the age of 65. That is 105 Million people!  Media outlets today are not doing enough to provide the correct information and positive support for that demographic.  It’s time that we communicate an effective design for living people ages 40 and up who strive for a well-balanced, healthy, LONG life.  Daily fitness, nutritional info, self-defense techniques, yoga, mental health and many other areas related to extending the quality of life will be addressed in this daily show.  Dr. Ted Gambordella is the fitness and self-defense expert who has the knowledge and inspiration to do just that.   He and his guests will teach America how to LIVE 2BE 100!    Broadcasting network to be revealed at a later date.

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Itching to show how to practice what they preach, Sparksight has engaged the on-camera interviewing expertise of TV Host and producer Kimberlie Dykeman to capture great conversations with the VIP guests and speakers at Video Marketing Expo ‘09.  The company’s founder Chris Justice called upon Dykeman to tap her authentic delivery and signature animated flair, in capturing the information that is cutting-edge and crucial for audiences interested in finally crafting their marketing initiatives for the 21st century. 


Kimberlie Dykeman has blazed a path as a unique on-camera personality both in Austin and LA.  For years, companies needing to transform their presence from average to extraordinary, have engaged Kimberlie to add a cosmopolitan layer to their reputation, with interviews, infomercials, online campaigns, TV shows, and commercials.  She is a turnkey solution provider as an on-camera professional and producer: in putting a voice and a face to their name, companies leverage the repurposable impact of engaging, storytelling video content to retain current customers, gain new clients, and attract larger corporate partners and sponsors. (Videos on YouTube (Slideshare presentation)


The Video Marketing Expo is designed to help anyone deliver compelling and entertaining online video. Educational sessions cover cutting-edge methods for producing online videos for marketing, blogging, lead generation, and social media. Speakers include: Brigitte Dale, The Bui Brothers, Brian Brushwood, Troy Lanier, and Giovanni Gallucci.   For more information or to register by phone, please call 1-800-457-0905 or email


Kimberlie Dykeman interviews the Brazilian-born couple, Coach Pedro and Susan Rita, about their English/Spanish children’s book aimed at teaching kids how to “go green” while learning a new language.  “20 EASY WAYS to SAVE the EARTH” is the latest release from Coach Pedro, a soccer coach who has 9 other kid’s books published on the topic of soccer, and his wife, who have taken to speaking at schools to motivate the youth to embrace change, understand diversity, and take care of the environment. 



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Kimberlie is the Host and Executive Producer of ShelfLife.  All author interviews available here.



Kimberlie Dykeman interviews real estate developer and church theater director turned suspense novelist Walter Krumm.  Novel “DIARY of a DEAD MAN” is a cyber-space thriller that explores the real dangers of online dating and social networking played out through cyber crime scam that preys on adulterous men.




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Kimberlie is the Host and Executive Producer of ShelfLife.  All author interviews available here.

OMG!  Steve Harper….I am kicking myself today.  I met this fine, motivational man months ago…and I confess I finally got to breaking the spine of his acclaimed book, “The Ripple Effect“, just today.  I knew it was in the house somewhere …but it literally jumped off my one of my many bookshelves last night, so I tucked it into my messenger bag for the morning.  When I woke, I gotta tell ya, I was soooo looking forward to my workout of what turned into 2 and a half hours of cardio-salsa!  I could not stop reading, for the combo of java and jolts of practical inspiration kept the pages a-turnin!  In a nutshell, this books reminds you of HOW to be a little more human in this jaded, all-about-me-and-protecting-mine state of society in which many of us exist.  And then it shows you WHY is truly benefits you …as in “what you give is what you invariably get.”  And it all begins with one of the first things we were all taught in life: talking to people.  Period. 


As Harper states, on his site: “The Ripple Effect” paints a tantalizing picture of what business (and life) can be like if only we have the courage to put people first.  Meaning, as Rollo May has eloquently put it, it indeed takes the courage to create everything in life which we may want, including relationships!  And part and parcel to this notion, it requires us to put people first.  Other people.  New people.  Complete strangers.  Old pals.  Family members.  Whoever…but just put the effort out there to place those folks in your proverbial path and find out what they need from you. 


When you make an effort, make a connection, figure out how to be “of service” to people…the ripple thus begins.  And it’s magical, folks.  That’s my little teaser for you.  You know how fascinating the image of a ripple effect in a body of water is, right?  Imagine how gloriously powerful that same outcome could be in your life when you choose to ripple some goodness into others’ lives without second thought.  Makes you wonder, hmmm?  I hope it makes you take action as well!  SO, go get your ripple on, folks!  Make a choice to make a change today.               -KD

Kimberlie Dykeman interviews Wall Street mover-and-shaker turned stay-at-home-Mom Wendy Walker.  Novel “FOUR WIVES” just released in paperback March 2009.  Walker is one of the  latest author additions to the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series, with her book for “POWER MOMS” coming soon to national bookstores.