SOAPBOX shot in the arm Ep.1: Dykeman Says Change Your Damn Toothpaste

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Today’s SOAPBOX® shot in the arm is wrapped around a famous quote by yours truly.

“Make a choice to make a change.”

Not just a catch phrase, gimmick, or ice-breaker, this commanding request clearly volleys the proverbial ball into your court. It proclaims that as you have the freedom to create the life you want to live, you’re the only one who can ignite your intentions into action. Allow me to elaborate- minus the idealistic undertones and chanting of Queen’s “We are the Champions”.

Each of you are born, packed to the brim with potential to be absolutely brilliant, unique, creative, enlightening, and successful. You have the potential to light up every room, every meeting, every workout, every weekend, every holiday, every goal, every client, every dinner party, every person you come across, every day. You have the opportunity and resources, the abilities and God-given gifts to grow into an amazing human being. This is the stuff you probably have found yourself telling your kids and peers, right? The kicker here is that you have to BELIEVE IT for yourself- you have to DESIRE IT- you have to ACT ON IT. Because the more your POTENTIAL gathers dust, the greater the odds that the WHAT IF’s will get buried with you someday.

“Make a choice to make a change” simply reminds you that you are a born leader, decision maker, and winner. Not just today or tomorrow, but every day. I challenge you to ignite your spirited energy any chance you can. Change your bad habits or zip code, for that matter. Redecorate your office or wardrobe. Log five more minutes of cardio and one more hour of sleep. Renew your vows. Write your memoirs. Change your perspective. Hell, change your toothpaste! Embrace the endless possibilities and bask in the glow as you light up your own life.

Never Stop EVOLVING. ~ KD

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