Dykeman Joins Writers Team at The Good Men Project

GMP logoThis just in: I have officially become a contributing writer and now join the brilliant international community at The Good Men Project (www.goodmenproject.com).  Apparently they needed a bold female life coach who covers all things WINGMAN!  I am honored and truly jazzed at this tremendous opportunity to have a greater impact on the broad, diverse, international audience this organization has galvanized.

The Good Men Project is a community of 21st Century thought leaders fostering a national discussion centered around the issue of men’s roles in modern life.  Not so much a magazine as a social movement, the diverse ecosystem of contributors evolved from just a book into a movie, live events, a national discussion, a platform, and a non-profit helping boys and men at-risk. Good Men Media Inc. is the multi-media strategic platform modern manhood  and the question, “What does it mean to be a good man?”

Selected to offer my angle on business, relationships, motivation and wellness, the first article just out of the gate hits on friendships: Arithmetic of Friendship: Kimberlie Dykeman shares her simple but wise process to sifting out, seeking out, and solidifying a killer circle of friends.

This article will be the fuel to an upcoming podcast on the PURE SOAPBOX channel, as an episode on the show “EVOLVE or Decay.” So SUBSCRIBE to plug in to the podcasts for FREE.





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