Evolve or DECAY!

Indeed it’s been a long time coming.

First off, THANK YOU for tuning in – as I know your time is limited, precious and packed.  That said, I ALSO KNOW you like to be distracted (thus, www.jasonheadley.com, FB (still!), and 4,000,000 cat videos);  you’re curious and love to absorb info from this internet thing; and you enjoy seeing what characters like me are up to with our latest entrepreneurial ventures (at least that’s what you folks keep telling me)!

This is the first in a series of notes leading up to an official announcement.  No, I’m not running for President, not engaged, not pregnant, not moving, not joining the Duggar clan, and not launching an App to find a restaurant (or date). I know you’re thinking, “Geez Kimberlie, that pretty much cancels out everything I was thinking of.  Do tell!”

So this note is a bit of a teaser. And there will be more.

As a refresher or a totally new inside scoop for some folks, here’s a quick summary of my career path (minus the few years after college where I traveled around the country, made fabulous friends, took chances, and realized that there really wasn’t a JOB TITLE that suited me):

KD CAREER INFOGRAPHICUnlike many folks, I didn’t shift from one title to another- instead I added each new role to my plate and kept juggling the whole enchilada…which took a crapload of effort and energy!  Toss in a few years with mercury poisoning and it’s a wonder I didn’t book a room at Seton for a few months!

And then, a  LIGHTBULB went off in my noggin- and I know it was/is God telling me to go back to what is real, right and true. The s-ha reminded me to take a good look at my personal mission statement:

“Everything I do serves to motivate, entertain, and educate folks to live fulfilling lives with newfound perspective, unshakable optimism and dynamic purpose.”

Well, I realized I’d drifted and let up on the focus, enthusiasm and passion I used to have in upholding this promise to myself.  And I knew IT HAD TO CHANGE RIGHT NOW.

“Everything will change.  The only question is growing up or decaying.”     – Nikki Giovanni, poet

So, what does that all mean now?  Well, I am PUTTING MYSELF BACK ON TRACK by taking yet another leap in my career!  (Though, ironically, it is a leap that brings me 100% back to the beginnings of my life as an entrepreneur.  Hint, Hint, Wink, Wink, say no more!)

I’d love for you to stay tuned & keep your fingers crossed, of course.  KIMBERLIEDYKEMAN.com and PURESOAPBOX.com are being totally renovated- so please excuse the broken links, old material and wonky stuff that looks out of place.  What’s OLD will be NEW again!

So, cheers to the possibilities, folks.  And if I could hope for one take-away for you.  Right now.  Reading this.  I’d say:


~ KD


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