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OMG!  Steve Harper….I am kicking myself today.  I met this fine, motivational man months ago…and I confess I finally got to breaking the spine of his acclaimed book, “The Ripple Effect“, just today.  I knew it was in the house somewhere …but it literally jumped off my one of my many bookshelves last night, so I tucked it into my messenger bag for the morning.  When I woke, I gotta tell ya, I was soooo looking forward to my workout of what turned into 2 and a half hours of cardio-salsa!  I could not stop reading, for the combo of java and jolts of practical inspiration kept the pages a-turnin!  In a nutshell, this books reminds you of HOW to be a little more human in this jaded, all-about-me-and-protecting-mine state of society in which many of us exist.  And then it shows you WHY is truly benefits you …as in “what you give is what you invariably get.”  And it all begins with one of the first things we were all taught in life: talking to people.  Period. 


As Harper states, on his site: “The Ripple Effect” paints a tantalizing picture of what business (and life) can be like if only we have the courage to put people first.  Meaning, as Rollo May has eloquently put it, it indeed takes the courage to create everything in life which we may want, including relationships!  And part and parcel to this notion, it requires us to put people first.  Other people.  New people.  Complete strangers.  Old pals.  Family members.  Whoever…but just put the effort out there to place those folks in your proverbial path and find out what they need from you. 


When you make an effort, make a connection, figure out how to be “of service” to people…the ripple thus begins.  And it’s magical, folks.  That’s my little teaser for you.  You know how fascinating the image of a ripple effect in a body of water is, right?  Imagine how gloriously powerful that same outcome could be in your life when you choose to ripple some goodness into others’ lives without second thought.  Makes you wonder, hmmm?  I hope it makes you take action as well!  SO, go get your ripple on, folks!  Make a choice to make a change today.               -KD