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gildanStop the press!  Pursued by Gildan Media Corporation, a New York-based new media publishing company, Kimberlie Dykeman has officially inked her first audio book deal!  Gildan Media optioned Dykeman’s Pure Soapbox, released July ’08 by Dalton Publishing, as one of its next signature audio book productions, adding it to the impressive list of world-renowned best-selling authors like Stephen R. Covey, Brian Tracy, Joe Vitale and social media expert, Joel Comm.

Later this month, Dykeman heads into the recording booth at The Production Block  to work with dear friend Joel Block, owner of the Austin-based studio, which has been producing great audio for over three decades, serving the advertising, broadcast and corporate communications industries. A devoted supporter of the author, Block introduced Dykeman to Gildan Media’s Founder and President, Gilles Dana, who jumped on the opportunity immediately, even offering to option audio rights for Dykeman’s upcoming 2010 book series. Dana, who served 23 years as President and Publisher of the Simon & Schuster New Media Division, encompassing the audio and interactive divisions, led the non-print publishing efforts of one of the world’s largest publishers during a time of significant expansion, publishing countless audio bestsellers and receiving numerous accolades, including several Grammy awards and nominations. 

Slated for a Holiday ’09 release, the Pure Soapbox audio book, in tandem with its sister paperback, will be available just in time for consumers to offer as stuff stockings for recession-weary, stressed-out friend, family, and business client alike. 

About Gildan Media:  Gildan Media Corporation is a new media publishing company based in New York, comprised of Gildan Audio, Gildan Digital and Audio Evolution. The company specializes in personal development, business and language learning content.   www.gildanmedia.com