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Through the power and magic of LinkedIn, breast cancer survivor Genae Girard found Kimberlie Dykeman, and sparks ignited around their ideas to help one another help the masses.  As a partner of Corporate Culture Consulting and and author of  “Off the Rack”, Girard is constantly on the lookout for ways to show people how be proactive about reducing stress and living a”normal” day-to-day life, whatever their circumstances and environments.  But more importantly,  the founder of BeyondtheBoobieTrap.com and author of  “Off the Rack” knew Dykeman’s SOAPBOX® brand of motivation and offerings would have a huge impact in uplifting the thousands of fellow under-40 breast cancer survivors who are flocking to her newly launched website.

As a month-long feature on BeyondtheBoobieTrap.com, you can listen to the interview of how Dykeman’s SOAPBOX® motivation of the week and SOAPBOX® In-Home Inspiration Party are perfect tools for helping survivors.  By connecting through these intimate gatherings and tappinng the powerful inspiration found in Dykeman’s signature quote-driven vignettes, like those in her book “PURE SOAPBOX”, women can collaboratively embrace a new “normal” living beyond treatment and onto a rebuilt, lively lifestyle.

Subscribe, order books and learn how to empower, uplift and inspire your own people as a SOAPBOX® In-Home Inspiration Party Host:     www.puresoapbox.com