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Kimberlie Dykeman and Phenix & Phenix Publicity go back into the AMS studios  August 27th for the second shoot of author interviews for their Online Video PR Campaign and web-based Interview Series dedicated to authors and their stories.  This shoot features, among others, highly-acclaimed metafiction upstart, Ara 13 of Drawers and Booths and R.H. Martin of the uplifting, controversial, Children of Abraham.  The first episodes of “Shelf Life”, also found on YouTube, are finally at their new homebase channel at ShelfLife.tv, an extension of Phenix’s site. Already booking its third selection of authors to be interviewed in October, the team of Dykeman and Phenix & Phenix is definitely solidifying its collective name as THE people to work with and THE channel for authors and speakers who want to capitalize on the power of the web!

Visit: http://www.shelflife.tv
Visit: http://www.phenixpublicity.com
Kimberlie is also a newly published author,please visit: http://www.PureSoapbox.com