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Just this past March Kimberlie Dykeman   teamed up with the marketplace motivational giant Successories to inspire the masses.  Showcasing Kimberlie’s gift for infusing vignettes with jolts of poignant wisdom, Successories began adding another layer to its offerings of bringing perspective, optimism and purpose to each company’s work environment and to each employee’s individual home life.   To date, Successories has incorporated Dykeman’s SOAPBOX® mini-motivations into its monthly newsletter, YouTube channel and Pinterest page.   The latest development with Kimberlie Dykeman Enterprises is a website section showcasing “Kimberlie Dykeman Approved” products.  This new feature launches with brand new posters that were actually inspired by Successories subscribers!

 About Successories:   Successories is a multi-faceted brand with over 10 million business and consumer customers.  Successories is uniquely positioned as the leading source of motivational media.  Successories products are designed specifically to promote important organizational values that recognize and inspire the people who make a difference, and to encourage excellence in every endeavor.

About Kimberlie Dykeman:  Kimberlie Dykeman is a TV Host, International Spokesperson, Producer, Published Author, Entrepreneur for OPTIMISM!   KD Video Channel  PureSoapbox Site  Personal Blog