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KD and Tim Cox, author of Get Out of Our HouseLast week produced three amazing video interviews between Host & Executive Producer Kimberlie Dykeman and authors from wonderfully diverse backgrounds.  Shot at Austin’s AMS Pictures studios, the next episodes of ShelfLife.tv include Tim Cox, author of Get Out of Our House: Revolution!, Derek Steele, author of Addict at Ten, and Susan Pohlman, author of Halfway to Each Other.

Visit: www.shelflife.tv  to watch all shows.     More info about Kimberlie Dykeman: https://kimberliedykeman.com & http://puresoapbox.com

More info about Phenix & Phenix Online Marketing Campaigns and to become a featured author:  Phenix Publicity

This November, after a sweltering summer off, Kimberlie Dykeman heads back to the fabulous AMS Pictures studios  in Austin, TX to shoot the next episodes of ShelfLife on ShelfLife.tv.  Dykeman is the Executive Producer and Host of the series, featuring author interviews and book trailers of published writers from all over the country represented by Phenix & Phenix Publicity.  ShelfLife.TV is the homebase video channel from which each author’s online viral video PR campaign is launched. The web-based interview series is dedicated to spotlighting the real people, real purpose, and real perspective of some of the sharpest books hitting the shelves today. Together, fellow author Dykeman and Phenix & Phenix are definitely solidifying their names as the top choice for authors and speakers who want to capitalize on the power of the web!

Visit: www.shelflife.tv  or  www.phenixpublicity.com for more info and to become a featured guest.

Kimberlie Dykeman: https://kimberliedykeman.com & http://puresoapbox.com


Kimberlie Dykeman joins fellow authors of Austin’s own Dalton Publishing for its third annual “Dalton Gang Book Reading”. Dykeman will be sharing excerpts from “Pure Soapbox” (released July ’08) as well as her favorite signature SOAPBOX(R) vignettes from her internationally-subscribed “SOAPBOX of the week” blog series. Indeed, the fabulous engagement is certain to be filled with jolts of perspective, motivation, humor and priceless audience interaction! Book People opens its doors to yet another event for the Austin community.


The evening also includes the poetry of Lyman Grant (/The Road Home/) and W. Joe Hoppe (/Galvanized/); the Grimm-inspired tales from Ric Williams (/Woman in the Tower/); the refreshing and incisive fiction crafted by Robert Stikmanz (/Sleeper Awakes/), Gary Kent’s unbelievable, yet all true, reminiscences of the indie film revolution (/Shadows & Light/); Joe O’Connell’s award-winning fiction (/Evacuation Plan/); and the always hilarious and entertaining Les McGehee (/Plays Well With Others/).


Wednesday August 12, 2009 at 7:00pm

Book People

603 N Lamar Boulevard
Austin, Texas 78703 Get Directions

About Kimberlie Dykeman: www.puresoapbox.com  and www.kimberliedykeman.com  
Contact: info@puresoapbox.com  Kimberlie is on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Plaxo. 


Kimberlie Dykeman interviews real estate developer and church theater director turned suspense novelist Walter Krumm.  Novel “DIARY of a DEAD MAN” is a cyber-space thriller that explores the real dangers of online dating and social networking played out through cyber crime scam that preys on adulterous men.





For more information, visit www.diaryofadeadman.com  and www.walterkrumm.com


Kimberlie is the Host and Executive Producer of ShelfLife.  All author interviews available here.

Kimberlie Dykeman has paved a successful entrepreneurial career thinking outside the box. Her interactive speaking platform, SOAPBOX® Motivation for the 21st Century, has her now literally standing on one! If you want to experience an “aha!”… …get Dykeman in the room and get her new book, Pure Soapbox, into your hands!

The SOAPBOX® brand and Kimberlie Dykeman’s signature delivery of a forward-thinking, inspirational message emerges as a platform from which specially focused, interactive presentations, like “SOAPBOX® Motivation for the High-Tech Executive” and “SOAPBOX® Motivation for the Entrepreneur”, are crafted. Each is a compelling edutainment engagement that dares audiences to step away from conventional lip-service, and embrace the profound truths of life from the most influential people of our times.

Kimberlie Dykeman delivers meat-n- potatoes optimism to audiences who seek more practicality than the average reprocessed, cheerleading speech or DVD series can deliver. Cleverly leveraging the forward-thinking wisdom of timeless thought leaders, from John Quincy Adams to Lily Tomlin to John Lennon, Dykeman often pairs a jolt of inspiration and humor with her unique, practiced 6-Pak A.N.S.W.E.R. formula: Walk away with a realistic and optimistic gameplan to work smarter, think clearer, feel healthier, live happier. No candy coating. No band-aid therapy. Motivation with a swift kick in the pants!

[slideshare id=902194&doc=kimberlie-dykeman-soapbox-speaking-press-kit-1231449995477618-1&w=425]

WHO IS SOAPBOX® MOTIVATION FOR? Anyone who has ever had a Murphy’s Law kind of day …or month, for that matter! Anyone starting a new job, raising a kid alone, newly divorced, new to the city, trying to quit smoking or lose those 20 pounds…again, hitting the mid-life mark, upside-down in their home. From weekend-entrepreneurs to isolated execs, wet-behind-the-ears college grads to burned-out 9-to-5er, single parents to soon-to-be retirees, Dykeman acknowledges that we all face the stress of cultural, economic and personal issues, while trying to make a living and a life! Luckily, there’s a SOAPBOX® vignette with your own name on it…to help you face challenges, change . your perspective, embrace the kid in you, take the road less traveled, and seize the day!

Kimberlie Dykeman’s book Pure Soapbox has earned her an upcoming interview on LIVE British radio!   Host John Levine has invited Kimberlie Dykeman as his special guest on her show “Happy & Healthy Hourat 209 radio Cambridge. The conversation will focus on the author’s newly launched book, “Pure Soapbox”, and its relevance to folks of all walks of life. Topics include: How to pull yourself out of a rut and survive major life transitions, why a positive, yet realistic attitude leads to success, and how to find balance from finding your own innerstrength.  Both the book and blog have begun to garner national attention through the efforts of Dykeman’s publicity team at Phenix & Phenix Literary Publicists.

12noon – 1 pm, Tuesdays Every Fortnight with weekly repeat

Kimberlie’s show date TBD.

About “Happy & Healthy Hour”: John Levine, a composer known as the expert on Alphamusic, has brought together a gifted team of experts to answer our health questions whilst being interesting, informative, with the aim of providing us all with positive practical tips how to be Happy and Healthy.  Our team includes:  Professor Peter Curtis-Prior, a research scientist working with metabolic diseases; Dr Susan Goodrich, a Chartered Psychologist; Sue Homer, a qualified homeopath; Caroline Griffith, an animal complementary therapist; Keith Benwell, director of Cambridge Complementary Healthcare and John Levine, Alphamusic composer and meditation master.

For more info about Author and On-Camera Personality Kimberlie Dykeman, visit: http://www.kimberliedykeman.com and http://www.puresoapboxnewsroom.com


The national shows keep rolling in, opening the doors for Kimberlie Dykeman to confetti countless new audiences with the her powerful SOAPBOX® message!  Next up is on SIRIUS Satellite Radio’s channel 161, the FamilyNet Channel.  On Tuesday, October 14th’s morning show, Hosts Lorri and Larry have invited Kimberlie Dykeman as their special guest on their nationally syndicated show, “Mornings“. The colorful conversation will focus on the author’s newly launched book, “Pure Soapbox“, and its relevance to folks of all walks of life, from a Christian perspective. Both the book and blog have begun to garner national attention through the efforts of Dykeman’s publicity team at Phenix & Phenix Literary Publicists.  Tuesday October 14, 2008 at 6:00amCST

About: Popular Family Network personality Lorri Allen is joined by veteran newsman Larry Estepa for “Mornings!” It’s like a chat around the Christian water cooler. It’s a fun, refreshing—but different—way to start the day, equipping listeners with ways to engage friends and coworkers. Informational and inspirational, it’s relationship radio at its best. “Mornings” features breaking, national, international and business news, as well as interviews with political, cultural and religious leaders. Website: http://www.sirius.com/familynetradio 


“Mornings” airs live on FamilyNet Channel 161 SIRIUS Radio from 6-9 am ET and on FamilyNet TV from 7-9am ET.

For more info about Author and On-Camera Personality Kimberlie Dykeman, visit: www.kimberliedykeman.com  and www.puresoapbox.com





Kimberlie Dykeman and Phenix & Phenix Publicity go back into the AMS studios  August 27th for the second shoot of author interviews for their Online Video PR Campaign and web-based Interview Series dedicated to authors and their stories.  This shoot features, among others, highly-acclaimed metafiction upstart, Ara 13 of Drawers and Booths and R.H. Martin of the uplifting, controversial, Children of Abraham.  The first episodes of “Shelf Life”, also found on YouTube, are finally at their new homebase channel at ShelfLife.tv, an extension of Phenix’s site. Already booking its third selection of authors to be interviewed in October, the team of Dykeman and Phenix & Phenix is definitely solidifying its collective name as THE people to work with and THE channel for authors and speakers who want to capitalize on the power of the web!

Visit: http://www.shelflife.tv
Visit: http://www.phenixpublicity.com
Kimberlie is also a newly published author,please visit: http://www.PureSoapbox.com


ShelfLife.tv , the online interview series executive produced and hosted by Kimberlie Dykeman, has officially launched and the time is ripe for authors and speakers to capitalize on the latest blossoming trend in the publicity world. Created by fellow author and speaker Dykeman and highly acclaimed Phenix & Phenix Publicity, the Shelf Life show concept of author/speaker-specific video presentations and marketing via Web2.0 and its social platforms has become the main chatter amidst the amidst leading PR, literature and leadership folk.  In a nutshell, the perfect emergence of the written word and spoken presentations with the empiracally powerful internet.

Visit ShelfLife.tv at ShelfLife.tv 




ShelfLifeTV logo   In preparation of launching an online channel, entitled ShelfLife.tv, Kimberlie Dykeman and Phenix & Phenix’s literary publicist team approved the video uploads of its first guests authors. AMS Production Group crafted its final edits allowing the viral distribution campaign to begin on YouTube. Book and author introductions are presented by the writers themselves, in addition to the one-on-one intimate interviews with Dykeman as both Host and Executive Producer.  The Shelf Life show concept of author-specific video presentations and marketing via Web2.0 and its social platforms was the main chatter at this year’s BEA Convention, the largest book conference in North America….and is exactly what the publishing world has needed. 


Dykeman heads back into the AMS studios on July 23, 2008 for the second shoot of interviews.  Indeed, the team of Dykeman and Phenix & Phenix Literary Publicists is definitely making a name for itself…and its published talent!


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