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Last year Rohit Bhargava, blogger & SVP at Ogilvy 360 Digital Influence, launched his latest book “Personality Not Included”  to great accolades.  In response to a flurry of emails from women business owners who talked about how they were already intuitively using personality in their businesses, he has chosen to also launch a companion e-book.  The compilation book, entitled “Women of Personality”, is part of The Personality Project, and features 20 visionary female entrepreneurs sharing their stories of success.    Collectively they answered one simple questions:  How has personality helped you achieve success with your career or your business?


According to Bhargava, an elite marketer and renowned blogger, all showcased contributors qualify as some of the most visionary, approachable and interesting women in business today; and each of the participants was chosen because she has not only built a successful career for herself but has also made significant contributions to helping other women become successful as well.


I met Rohit for a spit-second at SXSW last year and we have since connected on the net to keep up and learn from one another.  Apparently he’d begun  following my career path via updates, reviews and tweets…for I have been honored as one of the chosen  entrepreneurs!    Read about this fascinating project and download your own FREE copy of the e-book, “Women of Personality”.