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If you’re a modern man, you truly value the prime real estate between your ears. Too often the world smashes your eardrums with noise of irrelevant info, obnoxious attitudes and superficial fluff. YOU CAN CHOOSE TO CHANGE THE CHANNEL, you know.

So, I invite you to give me a shot. Join me on the PURE SOAPBOX channel launching within the next week.  PURE SOAPBOX: Motivation for the Modern Man, gives you a DOUBLE SHOT of the fuel you need as an Executive or Entrepreneur who runs at full throttle every damn day.  Have a listen to the teaser below.:

Together, these two series, SOAPBOX® shot in the arm and EVOLVE or Decay, deliver down-to-earth stories, powerful insights, industry specific strategies and wit that get you fired up about the choices and changes you can make to regain influence over your circumstances to become a better man, sharper leader, more communicative spouse, more compassionate friend, more inspiring father and overall more courageous human being.

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Kimberlie Dykeman’s book “Pure Soapbox”  has earned her an upcoming interview on British radio! Host John Levine has invited Kimberlie Dykeman as his special guest on his show “Happy & Healthy Hour” at 209 radio Cambridge. The conversation will focus on the author’s launched book, “Pure Soapbox”, and its relevance to folks of all walks of life. Topics include: How to pull yourself out of a rut and survive major life transitions, why a positive, yet realistic attitude leads to success, and how to find balance from finding your own innerstrength. Both the book and blog have garnered national attention. Dykeman is also currently shopping a new book series in hopes for a 2010 publishing.

Kimberlie’s interview airing show dates Tuesday, June 2nd and 9th, 12-1pm UK (6am CST in USA)

About “Happy & Healthy Hour”:  John Levine, a composer known as the expert on Alphamusic, has brought together a gifted team of experts to answer our health questions whilst being interesting, informative, with the aim of providing us all with positive practical tips how to be Happy and Healthy. Our team includes: Professor Peter Curtis-Prior, a research scientist working with metabolic diseases; Dr Susan Goodrich, a Chartered Psychologist; Sue Homer, a qualified homeopath; Caroline Griffith, an animal complementary therapist; Keith Benwell, director of Cambridge Complementary Healthcare and John Levine, Alphamusic composer and meditation master.

For more info about Author and On-Camera Personality Kimberlie Dykeman, visit: http://www.kimberliedykeman.com http://www.puresoapbox.com http://www.puresoapboxsoapbox.com

OMG!  Steve Harper….I am kicking myself today.  I met this fine, motivational man months ago…and I confess I finally got to breaking the spine of his acclaimed book, “The Ripple Effect“, just today.  I knew it was in the house somewhere …but it literally jumped off my one of my many bookshelves last night, so I tucked it into my messenger bag for the morning.  When I woke, I gotta tell ya, I was soooo looking forward to my workout of what turned into 2 and a half hours of cardio-salsa!  I could not stop reading, for the combo of java and jolts of practical inspiration kept the pages a-turnin!  In a nutshell, this books reminds you of HOW to be a little more human in this jaded, all-about-me-and-protecting-mine state of society in which many of us exist.  And then it shows you WHY is truly benefits you …as in “what you give is what you invariably get.”  And it all begins with one of the first things we were all taught in life: talking to people.  Period. 


As Harper states, on his site: “The Ripple Effect” paints a tantalizing picture of what business (and life) can be like if only we have the courage to put people first.  Meaning, as Rollo May has eloquently put it, it indeed takes the courage to create everything in life which we may want, including relationships!  And part and parcel to this notion, it requires us to put people first.  Other people.  New people.  Complete strangers.  Old pals.  Family members.  Whoever…but just put the effort out there to place those folks in your proverbial path and find out what they need from you. 


When you make an effort, make a connection, figure out how to be “of service” to people…the ripple thus begins.  And it’s magical, folks.  That’s my little teaser for you.  You know how fascinating the image of a ripple effect in a body of water is, right?  Imagine how gloriously powerful that same outcome could be in your life when you choose to ripple some goodness into others’ lives without second thought.  Makes you wonder, hmmm?  I hope it makes you take action as well!  SO, go get your ripple on, folks!  Make a choice to make a change today.               -KD

Kimberlie Dykeman has paved a successful entrepreneurial career thinking outside the box. Her interactive speaking platform, SOAPBOX® Motivation for the 21st Century, has her now literally standing on one! If you want to experience an “aha!”… …get Dykeman in the room and get her new book, Pure Soapbox, into your hands!

The SOAPBOX® brand and Kimberlie Dykeman’s signature delivery of a forward-thinking, inspirational message emerges as a platform from which specially focused, interactive presentations, like “SOAPBOX® Motivation for the High-Tech Executive” and “SOAPBOX® Motivation for the Entrepreneur”, are crafted. Each is a compelling edutainment engagement that dares audiences to step away from conventional lip-service, and embrace the profound truths of life from the most influential people of our times.

Kimberlie Dykeman delivers meat-n- potatoes optimism to audiences who seek more practicality than the average reprocessed, cheerleading speech or DVD series can deliver. Cleverly leveraging the forward-thinking wisdom of timeless thought leaders, from John Quincy Adams to Lily Tomlin to John Lennon, Dykeman often pairs a jolt of inspiration and humor with her unique, practiced 6-Pak A.N.S.W.E.R. formula: Walk away with a realistic and optimistic gameplan to work smarter, think clearer, feel healthier, live happier. No candy coating. No band-aid therapy. Motivation with a swift kick in the pants!

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WHO IS SOAPBOX® MOTIVATION FOR? Anyone who has ever had a Murphy’s Law kind of day …or month, for that matter! Anyone starting a new job, raising a kid alone, newly divorced, new to the city, trying to quit smoking or lose those 20 pounds…again, hitting the mid-life mark, upside-down in their home. From weekend-entrepreneurs to isolated execs, wet-behind-the-ears college grads to burned-out 9-to-5er, single parents to soon-to-be retirees, Dykeman acknowledges that we all face the stress of cultural, economic and personal issues, while trying to make a living and a life! Luckily, there’s a SOAPBOX® vignette with your own name on it…to help you face challenges, change . your perspective, embrace the kid in you, take the road less traveled, and seize the day!