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Mashable’s US Summer Tour touched down in A-town last night and packed every inch of Buffalo Billiards with hundreds of folks, fool-drunk on the joy of multi-city networking and an open bar!  And Dykeman was right in the mix of it all…garnering photo opps with Mashable’s founder Pete Cashmore and chatting about future opportunities, with both the Mashable team and TechZulu, to extend viral video coverage of the events and movers-and-shakers in Austin’s tech arena. 

Aaron Novak of Stickam also scooped up Dykeman for a live streaming interview, highlighting the integration between the media and entertainment world and Web 2.0 advancements.  Hmmm…is The SOAPBOX Queen becoming Austin’s emerging tech socialite?  Stay tuned…  Photos and videos can be viewed on www.mashable.com and www.stickam.com