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Holy Spirit 2Kimberlie Dykeman heads out on location as Executive Producer of another book trailer for Dr. Mike Thomas, Texas-based author of A Harvest of Miracles and the long-awaited upcoming compilation “To Him Who Sits on the Throne”.  Dykeman called on long-time pal David Reyes of X Horn Productions to help create a contemporary feel to a praise-rich book, targeted at both faith-seeker and loyal Christian alike.  Aside from an insightful interview of Thomas with Dykeman, the final video will include a montage of gorgeous imagery mixed with praise scripture shout-outs by spirit-filled congregation members, courtesy of Shoreline Christian Center Church of Austin. 

About Dr. Mike Thomas:  the pastor of New Hope Community Church in Temple, Texas for nearly ten years. Professor of Spanish at Baylor University in Waco, and president and founder of Logos Language Institute, a ministry that helps Christians learn to witness and minister in over 20 foreign languages. He and his wife, Susan, have three children and three grandchildren.   “To Him Who Sits on the Throne” is due to hit the shelves this month. 

Visit publishers’ site:  www.morningstarbooks.org

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Memorial Day is an incredibly moving day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation’s service.  For generations, our peers, partners, pals and parents have stood with dignity, integrity and the uttermost courage to make the United States of America what it is today: a land of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  I challenge you to set your political party preferences aside and simply let this thought sink in.  It’s not about what did right or wrong; should or shouldn’t have done; will or won’t do.   It’s bigger than that, folks.  Purposefully join together to honor those who gave their all for our collective rights, and simply pay mindful appreciation to all you have, all you get to do each day, and all your future might just hold.  Your memories are the magic of life.  Cherish them, share them…and make more!          – KD

 “What you memorize, you memorialize.”     – Anonymous   (often credited to ND Walsch, author)

Whether your first sweetheart’s phone number, your favorite song, or big acceptance speech, you’ve chosen to etch these things into your mind for timely safe-keeping.  Yet years later, buried convolutions release their imprints your call, and elicit surprising delight.  But it’s not the content, nor the fact that you remember it verbatim that elates your spirit.  Instead, your smile, laugh and peaceful pause for reflection evolve from the unfolding of the celebration surrounding such snippets.  When you commit anything to mind, you emphasize its importance to your heart.  Honor the influential people, places, experiences, and messages that graciously fill your moments and pay tribute to yourself by tapping the enlightening power of those memories.

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Kimberlie Dykeman appeared today on San Antonio’s Great Day SA morning show on KENS 5, promoting her book PURE SOAPBOX  as a motivational tool for corporations to invest in and individuals to tap for inspiration without the candy-coating.  Dykeman emphasized the ultimate mission of the growing SOAPBOX® enterprise:  to motivate, entertain and educate people to live life to its fullest by leveraging the wisdom of famous quotes.  
The latest of the SOAPBOX® motivational offerings includes speaking engagements and  live events, which, in tandem with the published book, yield more extensive  fundraising opportunities.  Through Dykeman’s charity division, entitled Motivation for Donation™, LIVESTRONG  already benefits from the sales of PURE SOAPBOX.  Today Dykeman announced that she will donate a portion of her speaking fees to the charity of choice of the hiring organization.  Additionally, through a live SOAPBOX® community event coordinated with a charity, a portion of net proceeds of entry fees will benefit that charity, on top of whatever other funds are raised around the event itself.
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