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Jordan Direct LLCPursued by Jordan Direct, a leading infomercial production corporation, Kimberlie Dykeman heads to sunny Florida to shoot another national infomercial.  This opens the door to a fantastic relationship between Dykeman and the renowned direct response company whose sparkling reputation is based on its founder, Bruce Dworsky.  Trekking down to the gulf, Dykeman continues to carry the torch as a sought-after infomercial queen, having hosted programs broadcasted internationally.

About Jordan Direct: http://www.jordandirecttv.com

About Kimberlie Dykeman: http://www.kimberliedykeman.com

KimberlieDykeman- AUTHENTIC1x1_transparentKimberlie Dykeman is killing two birds with one stone next week…hanging out with “infomercial kings” and LA TV Executives in Vegas, baby!  The world-renowned Electronic Retailers Association is holding its 2009 national convention  in Las Vegas, and Dykeman is heading with guns blazing to hob-knob with the most powerful leaders in the direct-to-consumer industry… and win the hearts of the decision-makers of Discovery Channel and a few of Hollywood’s strongest names in TV production.

 Just this week, Dykeman pinged Steve Jones, Show Runner at Original Productions and  Co-developer of Season Two Pitchmen” on the Discovery Channel, about finding a network for her talk show “The Bigger Picture with Kimberlie Dykeman”.    To her surprise, Jones fired back with an invitation to be a VIP guest at the ERA event AND a one-on-one meeting with famed Host/Executive Producer  Anthony “Sully” Sullivan, Thom Beers of Original Productions and Discovery Channel executives.  On top of that, he asked Dykeman, the little infomercial queen, to audition for a co-hosting role on “Pitchmen”.

 Needless to say, Dykeman is on a plane to Vegas to knock it out of the park and create some fabulous memories…after all, IT IS VEGAS, folks!!