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Hey, folks…yup, it’s me.  Kimberlie.  Ok, now CALL ME CRAZY…but I’m ready to do something unconventional…yet again!  I want to see how much $$  MOOLAH $$  I can raise for LIVESTRONG™ in one 24-hour period!  I am a returning Grassroots Fundraiser for LIVESTRONG™ and have set a lofty goal of engaging your support to raise $5,000 this year to help the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

But today I got to thinking…WHAT IF I COULD DO THIS IN ONE DAY!!!???

I have a slew of awesome, supportive social media friends who I just know would rally to make this happen!  So I emailed them all…on Facebook, LinkedIn and Plaxo.  Of course, on top of this, I will continue to donate a portion of proceeds from all sales of my book, PURE SOAPBOX, upcoming speaking engagements and anything else I create!

Please take a moment and support my efforts, for we all are impacted by this disease every day.

You can click on my own dedicated link right here: http://www.livestrong.org/grassroots2010/soapbox You can also go to my Facebook Kimberlie Dykeman profile, my PURE SOAPBOX fan page, or PureSoapbox.com and use the links available.

Thank you in advance, and know that any donation makes a difference and means the world to me. You can remain anonymous or add your name…and I will make a viral post/tweet thanking you!!

Now, HURRY UP!  It starts Monday March 8 2010  at 12am and ends at the stroke of midnight!

I appreciate you all!
Grassroots Event Supporter ID: 122364630

Kimberlie Dykeman committed to raise $5,000 for LIVESTRONG™ as a returning Grassroots Fundraiser for the Lance Armstrong Foundation for 2010… so a test-drive on ebay seemed like just one more way to get people’s attention!!    http://tinyurl.com/ylx3gsc