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gildanStop the press!  Pursued by Gildan Media Corporation, a New York-based new media publishing company, Kimberlie Dykeman has officially inked her first audio book deal!  Gildan Media optioned Dykeman’s Pure Soapbox, released July ’08 by Dalton Publishing, as one of its next signature audio book productions, adding it to the impressive list of world-renowned best-selling authors like Stephen R. Covey, Brian Tracy, Joe Vitale and social media expert, Joel Comm.

Later this month, Dykeman heads into the recording booth at The Production Block  to work with dear friend Joel Block, owner of the Austin-based studio, which has been producing great audio for over three decades, serving the advertising, broadcast and corporate communications industries. A devoted supporter of the author, Block introduced Dykeman to Gildan Media’s Founder and President, Gilles Dana, who jumped on the opportunity immediately, even offering to option audio rights for Dykeman’s upcoming 2010 book series. Dana, who served 23 years as President and Publisher of the Simon & Schuster New Media Division, encompassing the audio and interactive divisions, led the non-print publishing efforts of one of the world’s largest publishers during a time of significant expansion, publishing countless audio bestsellers and receiving numerous accolades, including several Grammy awards and nominations. 

Slated for a Holiday ’09 release, the Pure Soapbox audio book, in tandem with its sister paperback, will be available just in time for consumers to offer as stuff stockings for recession-weary, stressed-out friend, family, and business client alike. 

About Gildan Media:  Gildan Media Corporation is a new media publishing company based in New York, comprised of Gildan Audio, Gildan Digital and Audio Evolution. The company specializes in personal development, business and language learning content.   www.gildanmedia.com 


Kimberlie Dykeman joins fellow authors of Austin’s own Dalton Publishing for its third annual “Dalton Gang Book Reading”. Dykeman will be sharing excerpts from “Pure Soapbox” (released July ’08) as well as her favorite signature SOAPBOX(R) vignettes from her internationally-subscribed “SOAPBOX of the week” blog series. Indeed, the fabulous engagement is certain to be filled with jolts of perspective, motivation, humor and priceless audience interaction! Book People opens its doors to yet another event for the Austin community.


The evening also includes the poetry of Lyman Grant (/The Road Home/) and W. Joe Hoppe (/Galvanized/); the Grimm-inspired tales from Ric Williams (/Woman in the Tower/); the refreshing and incisive fiction crafted by Robert Stikmanz (/Sleeper Awakes/), Gary Kent’s unbelievable, yet all true, reminiscences of the indie film revolution (/Shadows & Light/); Joe O’Connell’s award-winning fiction (/Evacuation Plan/); and the always hilarious and entertaining Les McGehee (/Plays Well With Others/).


Wednesday August 12, 2009 at 7:00pm

Book People

603 N Lamar Boulevard
Austin, Texas 78703 Get Directions

About Kimberlie Dykeman: www.puresoapbox.com  and www.kimberliedykeman.com  
Contact: info@puresoapbox.com  Kimberlie is on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Plaxo. 

Kimberlie closes out March with another interview on San Antonio’s Great Day SA morning show on KENS 5. Producers had the newly published author on just days after her long-awaited book, PURE SOAPBOX, hit the shelves this past July!  The book is a compilation of bite-sized jolts of colorful, motivational commentary wrapped around the famous quotes of thought leaders and artists.  This time around, Dykeman will talk about the growing divisions of the SOAPBOX(R) brand and devoted fundraising efforts through her Motivation for Donation(TM) officially launching later this year. Other immediate developments include more books in the series, original mobile content, a radio show, online TV talk show, and a product line that is sure to motivate with a swift kick in the pants! PURE SOAPBOX  has earned national distribution, is published by Wiggy Press, an imprint of Dalton Publishing.
Show info::  Tuesday March 31, 2009 from 9:00am – 10:00am

Kens 5 Tv  San Antonio, Texas    http://www.kens5.com/greatday
About  Kimberlie Dykeman’s Motivation for Donation™ division of the SOAPBOX® brand:  As a Grassroots Fundraiser for the LANCE ARMSTRONG FOUNDATION, a portion of proceeds from book sales is donated to LIVESTRONG™.  Individuals, companies and other charities can further earn a portion of proceeds from sales when they make a large purchase or become an affiliate.    A SOAPBOX® Live Event  include fundraisers, VIP Toasts and speaking engagements. 
For more info:  http://www.puresoapbox.com or info@puresoapbox.com  regarding corporate purchases, speaking engagements, Motivation for Donation™ info, etc.

Kimberlie Dykeman’s book Pure Soapbox has earned her an upcoming interview on a newly launched inspirational LIVE online talk show!   Host Christel Hughes, C.Ht. has invited Kimberlie Dykeman as her special guest on her spotlight podcast “Women on Purpose”.   Aside from revealing Dykeman’s journey to becoming a successful On-Camera Personality, Producer, Speaker and Author, the conversation will focus on the her motivational book, “Pure Soapbox”, and its relevance to women of all walks of life. Topics include: How to pull yourself out of a rut and survive major life transitions, why a positive, yet realistic attitude leads to success, and how to find balance from finding your own innerstrength.  Both the book and blog have begun to garner international attention through the efforts of Dalton Publishing, Phenix & Phenix Literary Publicists, and Midpoint Trade Distributors.

About “Women on Purpose”: Christel Hughes is an inspiring holistic life coach, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Practitioner and fellow published author specializing in self-development and transformation for individuals throughout the country.  She is the host of the Women On Purpose” Inspirational Online Talk Show.  The mission of Women On Purpose is to inspire women worldwide to discover their unique purpose and live life as a powerful creator of their dreams.  Each month you will hear one women’s story of discovering and living her purpose. In these amazingly informative interviews, these women reveal the secrets to taking your power back, channeling your intuition and overcoming obstacles — practices that will lead you to a more enriched life of Freedom and Love.

For more info about Author and On-Camera Personality Kimberlie Dykeman, visit: http://www.kimberliedykeman.com http://www.puresoapbox.com http://www.puresoapboxsoapbox.com

Overwhelmed by holiday stress already…family, finances, food!? Treat yourself to some holiday fun at the Keep Austin Bizarre Christmas Bazaar! TV Host, International Spokesperson, and Motivational Speaker Kimberlie Dykeman will be sellin’ and signin’ her new book “PURE SOAPBOX”…and doling out motivation with a swift kick in the pants! Swing by Dalton Publishing’s booth to get your FREE jolt of inspiration and humor. “PURE SOAPBOX” is the perfect gift or stocking-stuffer for burned-out 9-to-5ers, mid-lifers, single moms, empty-nesters, new grads, entrepreneurs. Filled with Kimberlie’s unique bite-sized gems of wisdom wrapped around famous quotes of the most influential people of our time…. “PURE SOAPBOX” will help you face challenges, change your perspective, embrace the kid in you, take the road less traveled, be courageous in your faith, and seize the day! After all… anyone can give cookies! A PORTION OF PROCEEDS IS DONATED TO LIVESTRONG™!  
EVENT RUNS: December 12-23, 2008
Dec. 14th 1-3p; Dec. 15th 5:30-7:30p; Dec. 18th 11a-11p; Dec. 21st 1-3p; Dec. 22nd 11a-11p

All purchases come with a FREE GIFT from Kimberlie!   Cash, checks, debit cards, and credit cards acceptable for purchase of “PURE SOAPBOX”. Corporate/bulk orders may also be placed. Info will be available for Kimberlie’s keynotes and special event hosting.  Book also available nationwide in bookstores, online retailers and of course www.puresoapbox.com


Kimberlie Dykeman will be the featured guest on Austin’s KOOP Radio 91.7 on July 9th from 6-7pm.  “Writing on the Air” Host Lee Davis will interview the newly published author about the creative process that went into writing PURE SOAPBOX …a cleansing jolt of perspective, motivation, and humor. PURE SOAPBOX has earned national distribution, is published by Wiggy Press, an imprint of Dalton Publishing, and represented by Phenix & Phenix Literary Publicists.

   San Antonio’s support for Kimberlie Dykeman continues!  Sister station to Austin’s KEYE, San Antonio’s KENS 5, will feature the Soapbox Queen as their special guest on the Great Day SA morning show July 9.  Dykeman released her uniquely motivational book, Pure Soapbox, just 2 weeks ago, and is making the rounds on the regional TV circuit to talk about how her trademark SOAPBOX™ motivates with a swift kick in the pants and stimulates real perspective change in people.  The PURE SOAPBOX website, offers readers a weekly SOAPBOX™ blog as a sneak-preview of the book’s message, as it applies to entrepreneur, empty-nester, and stay-at-home-Mom alike.  PURE SOAPBOX has earned national distribution and will be available in national retailers, including Target, Amazon & Barnes and Noble, beginning July 22, 2008.  Dykeman is published by Austin’s Dalton Publishing, and is represented by Phenix & Phenix Literary Publicists, one of the most recognized independent publicity firms for authors.


Get your fix of the SOAPBOX™ and order today!  PURE SOAPBOX





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                Fox loves Kimberlie Dykeman!  Or so it would appear…as Austin’s sister station, San Antonio’s KABB-TV FOX 29, will feature the new author as their special guest on the morning newshow July 1, the day before Dykeman appears on Fox 7 Austin.  Just days after her long-awaited book, Pure Soapbox, hit the shelves, the Soapbox Queen is already hitting the regional TV and radio circuit to talk about the one-of-a-kind book release event and how her trademark concept, SOAPBOX™, motivates with a swift kick in the pants and stimulates real perspective change in people.  The PURE SOAPBOX website, launched in March offering readers a weekly blog which gives a sneak-preview of the book and a way for audiences to share the good word! PURE SOAPBOX has earned national distribution, is published by Wiggy Press, an imprint of Dalton Publishing, and soon-to-be-represented by Phenix & Phenix Literary Publicists.   

FOR MORE INFO: www.kabb.com

Get your fix of the soaps!  http://www.puresoapbox.com





book coverThe PURE SOAPBOX  book release and signing party at Austin’s BookPeople was absolutely fabulous…flawless!  Standing room only!  Kimberlie Dykeman coordinated a truly refreshing spin on the “average” book release.  Friends, family and countless new faces from the Austin and surrounding areas crowded the event, enjoying champagne from Taste, sushi from Zen, “Sweeto’s” from Sweet Leaf Tea and Tito’s Vodka, and dessert from Amy’s Ice Cream.  Orders have begun pouring in to Dalton Publishing  as well as emails recounting the touching message and genuine entertainment of the whole evening….proving that, for the budding entrepreneur and lost empty-nester, the burned-out parent and newly-single divorcee…this book has got something in that hits home and inspires change.

“I am so jazzed to witness this excitement and enlightenment in people, says Dykeman.  “And to do it through the written word and simply standing on my little soapbox, is proof that the old fashioned way still works!”  

Thank you also the BookPeople staff, the Lance Armstrong Foundation, REI, Backwoods, Waterloo Records, Avant Salon, Big Top Candy Shop, Tribeza, Austin Woman Magazine, Huey Houston and Game Plan Marketing.

Dalton Publishing inked a national deal with Midpoint Trade Books, a national book distributor in New York. Dalton founder Deltina Hay says the Austin-based publishing company’s strong presence at this year’s world-renowned BEA Book Conference in L.A. earned the nod of one of New York’s hardest working distributors.  For over a dozen years, Midpoint has focused its talent and energy on helping independent publishers build successful publishing programs in the trade marketplace.

What does this mean for Kimberlie Dykeman and Pure Soapbox, the first title launched under Dalton’s new imprint, Wiggy Press?  A vastly-reputable source will now pitch and supply Pure Soapbox to the national chain bookstores and beyond, as well as provide much more exposure to the overall national publishing world market, including schools and libraries.  This, combined with the efforts of KD herself, the publisher, and soon-to-be signed publicity firm, will be the powerful push essential to garner national recognition across broad consumer demographics. 

PURE SOAPBOX  launches 6.25.08.  Available where books are sold!  


FOX logoKimberlie Dykeman will be the featured guest on Austin’s FOX 7 morning news July 2, just days after her long-awaited book, Pure Soapbox, hits the shelves!  She’ll talk about the book launch and how her trademark concept, SOAPBOX™, motivates with a swift kick in the pants and stimulates real perspective change in people.  Dykeman was invited to the Good Day show in February to introduce the book’s website www.puresoapbox.com and its blog -which gives audiences a weekly jolt of inspiration and a sneak-preview of the book. Pure Soapbox has earned national distribution, is published by Wiggy Press, an imprint of Dalton Publishing, and soon-to-be-represented by Phenix & Phenix Literary Publicists. OFFICIAL BOOK RELEASE PARTY is at BOOKPEOPLE in Austin on June 25 at 7pm. 



For more info: www.fox7.com , www.kimberliedykeman.com


I just signed on as a new Grassroots Fundraiser for the Lance Armstrong Foundation, choosing LIVESTRONG™ to be the sole beneficiary of a portion of the proceeds from all book sales of Pure Soapbox.  Having been both intimately affected by cancer and seen friends also go through the trauma of this deadly disease, I view this as a one-of-a-kind opportunity to directly help this world-renowned charity and further inspire the global community to donate to the fight against cancer. Additionally, my websites, including PureSoapbox.comKimberlieDykeman.wordpress.com , will have a direct link to my own LIVESTRONG™ Fundraising URL so visitors can freely post their own donations online, both in honor and anonymously. 




For more info: www.LIVESTRONG.org