Holy Spirit 2Kimberlie Dykeman heads out on location as Executive Producer of another book trailer for Dr. Mike Thomas, Texas-based author of A Harvest of Miracles and the long-awaited upcoming compilation “To Him Who Sits on the Throne”.  Dykeman called on long-time pal David Reyes of X Horn Productions to help create a contemporary feel to a praise-rich book, targeted at both faith-seeker and loyal Christian alike.  Aside from an insightful interview of Thomas with Dykeman, the final video will include a montage of gorgeous imagery mixed with praise scripture shout-outs by spirit-filled congregation members, courtesy of Shoreline Christian Center Church of Austin. 

About Dr. Mike Thomas:  the pastor of New Hope Community Church in Temple, Texas for nearly ten years. Professor of Spanish at Baylor University in Waco, and president and founder of Logos Language Institute, a ministry that helps Christians learn to witness and minister in over 20 foreign languages. He and his wife, Susan, have three children and three grandchildren.   “To Him Who Sits on the Throne” is due to hit the shelves this month. 

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Scottsdale & Tucson, AZ:  Just back from some business exploration and meetings with literary agents!  And, of course, well-deserved spa time at the gorgeous Fairmont Scottsdale.


LifeBrandsTV shoot 4

Vero Beach, FL:  Shots from the set of infomercial shoots for Competitive Edge Media’s newest launch LifeBrands TV.  In the fantastic, high-tech studios at Southeastern Studios with co-host Tom Wainman.  Take a sneak peek at the raw footage!  HERE!


Austin, TX:  Honored by the opportunity to help Andrew Shapter bring his dream to life…at the Happiness Is red carpet premiere.   The screening tour is in full swing, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities across the USA!  Kimberlie is slated to be hosting interviews at the red carpet premieres in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and other metropolitan cities.


Dallas, TX:  Dykeman heads to the world-renowned Cooper Research Clinic for a one-on-one chat with the iconical “father of aerobics” himself, Dr. Kenneth Cooper.  AND a complete 21st century preventative medical check up…the most comprehensive wellness services available in the USA.


UgluuKimberlie Dykeman is this week’s featured contributor for the online site, which is garnering the tremendous interest of the web community as the “stickitivity” site, teaching folks how to simply stick-with-it, when it comes to relationships.  Dykeman selected and highlighted one of her favorite SOAPBOX® vignettes which is wrapped around the omnipotent spoken words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who exemplified this principle.


In April of this year Dykeman was selected to participate in The Personality Project and in turn showcased in Rohit Bhargava’s e-book “Women of Personality,” featuring the success stories of twenty female entrepreneurs who intuitively use their personalities to better their business ventures.  Among the other lauded women was Kare Anderson

Emmy-winning former Wall Street Journal reporter, Obama campaign consultant, speaker, and author.  The two relentless networking marketers were soon conversing about how they could further engage and help one another. 


Come full circle, amongst other initiatives the two are brewing up, Anderson invited the SOAPBOX® Queen to contribute to the Ugluu site, one of the ex-reporter’s own manifestations which she founded with Guy Harris, Certified human behavior specialist, conflict resolution expert and managing partner of The International Broadcast Group. is about people learning to build relationships that, in a word, STICK.  It’s a place where you have learning access from people who are dedicating themselves to finding ways to make their relationships more powerful, more dynamic, and more fulfilling, every day.  Each week new, actionable insights are shared by extraordinary guest blogger, with fantastic accomplishments in business, literature, education and media, including Brian Vaszily, Jane Pollak, Dr. Jordan Paul, Leah Komaiko, and Mark Goulston.


happines-isMotivate, entertain educate…the three words that Kimberlie Dykeman eats, sleeps, and breathes every day!  With her own SOAPBOX® brand of motivation brewing up TV, book, and online creations for future launch, Dykeman is literally sniffing out opportunities to connect with and learn from people who are also making a difference in the proverbial bigger picture.  So when she heard that the renowned photographer and documentarian Andrew Shapter had a new film coming out, entitled “HAPPINESS IS”, the SOAPBOX® Queen pounced on the opportunity to see the premiere.  But upon discovering that the doc is philanthropically-driven, raising money for charities at each and every city on the slated national tour…Dykeman immediately got on the horn with Shapter himself to donate her time and expertise! 


The result?  Kimberlie Dykeman will be the On-Camera Host at the red carpet premiere of critically-acclaimed film “HAPPINESS IS”, launching its nationwide screening tour right in her own backyard of Austin, TX.  Bringing her signature in-the-moment interviewing style and authentically charismatic presence, Dykeman will be capturing VIP interviews, audience reactions, and helping drive DVD release sales for the benefit of the night’s beneficiary, Mobile Loaves and Fishes.


“This opportunity is such an honor and resonates with my very own mission as well, in all I do as a personality, an entrepreneur, and a philanthropist,” says Dykeman.  “Andrew Shapter has raised the bar in thinking outside the box both for creating vital works that uplift the human spirit and organically drive awareness for the greater good of society.” 


“HAPPINESS IS”  a cinematic road trip that explores the myths and the truths of the “pursuit of happiness” in America. It is the second film from Andrew Shapter, Director of the critically acclaimed documentary, Before the Music Dies. The film journeys through history–without boundaries or prejudices–in an attempt to understand what Happiness truly is, in the face of what the definition of Happiness has become. 


DVD RELEASE PARTY: Waterloo Records, 600 North Lamar, Austin, TX, JULY 30th   TIME:  5pm – 7pm.     PREMIERE SCREENING: Alamo Draft House Cinema, 1120 South Lamar, Austin, TX.   TIMES:  July 30th  9:30 pm (includes HUGE TWEET-UP lead by Mark Horvath (@hardlynormal) and Alan Graham (@MLFNOW) &  9:50pm     Both events are free and open to the public. For any remaining tickets to screening, go to 


BENEFITTING: Mobile Loaves & Fishes  

EVENING’S SPONSOR: Stubb’s Legendary Kitchens


ABOUT “HAPPINESS IS” :   Andrew Shapter and his small team spent two years crisscrossing the country, speaking to all sorts of Americans they encountered along the way in an attempt to discover what it means to be happy. In addition to examining the phrase “the pursuit of happiness,” the film guides us through the eyes of spiritual leaders including the Dalai Lama, philanthropists, scholars, and the occasional celebrity (including Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp, and Dan Millman), and a wide range of happiness “experts” as they describe their experiences and definitions of Happiness. Understanding what it means to be happy and the goal of obtaining happiness is an individual journey protected by our forefathers in the Constitution. “HAPPINESS IS”, your road map to happiness!


ABOUT KIMBERLIE DYKEMAN: TV Personality and Producer, Lifestyle Coach and Motivation Speaker, International Spokesperson, and Author.   Dykeman has pioneered a groundbreaking system of coaching, emerged as a multi-faceted on-camera host, released her first book, “Pure Soapbox, and launched SOAPBOX® motivation as a trademarked brand of that leverages famous quotes to promote living life to its fullest.  Combining these backgrounds with unmatched street smarts and unyielding determination, Dykeman has evolved her vast goals into a full-fledged, enterprising conglomerate that develops mass-media programming, products, live events and web-based communication that have universal impact.  Dykeman uniquely combines personal development, education, and charity to touch audiences worldwide with positive messaging. She is indeed a woman on a mission!  The SOAPBOX® Queen!

Pursued by Competitive Edge Media, a California-based media, production and marketing corporation, Kimberlie Dykeman inked her first deal, to host several multimercials (mini-infomercials) for the company’s newest products on its soon-to-be-launched channel, LifeBrands TV. Trekking down to Tim Pipher’s Southeastern Studios in beautiful Vero Beach, Florida this August, Dykeman continues to carry the torch as a sought-after infomercial queen, having hosted programs produced both in the US and the Philippines, now broadcasted internationally. Dykeman is also in talks with Competitive Edge Media to both serve as LifeBrand TV’s recurring spokesperson and host, and to tap their expertise in the further development of her SOAPBOX® motivational line of lifestyle products.

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Kimberlie Dykeman joins fellow authors of Austin’s own Dalton Publishing for its third annual “Dalton Gang Book Reading”. Dykeman will be sharing excerpts from “Pure Soapbox” (released July ’08) as well as her favorite signature SOAPBOX(R) vignettes from her internationally-subscribed “SOAPBOX of the week” blog series. Indeed, the fabulous engagement is certain to be filled with jolts of perspective, motivation, humor and priceless audience interaction! Book People opens its doors to yet another event for the Austin community.


The evening also includes the poetry of Lyman Grant (/The Road Home/) and W. Joe Hoppe (/Galvanized/); the Grimm-inspired tales from Ric Williams (/Woman in the Tower/); the refreshing and incisive fiction crafted by Robert Stikmanz (/Sleeper Awakes/), Gary Kent’s unbelievable, yet all true, reminiscences of the indie film revolution (/Shadows & Light/); Joe O’Connell’s award-winning fiction (/Evacuation Plan/); and the always hilarious and entertaining Les McGehee (/Plays Well With Others/).


Wednesday August 12, 2009 at 7:00pm

Book People

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Kimberlie Dykeman interviews Lt. Col. Joseph W. Hoffler, retired US Air Force leader in the Academy’s Security Police Squadron about his autobiographic Promotion: Denied.  The Harrowing True Story of Racism, Cover-up, Betrayal and Vigilante Justice at the United States Air Force Academy”.  The eye-opening book reveals how Hoffler was the victim of a racially motivated “witch-hunt” and tells the upsetting story a losing battle against institutionalized racism at the academy.

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Kimberlie Dykeman is the Host and Executive Producer of ShelfLifeTV, and is a fellow author of “PURE SOAPBOX“.  All ShelfLifeTV author interviews available here.

Itching to show how to practice what they preach, Sparksight has engaged the on-camera interviewing expertise of TV Host and producer Kimberlie Dykeman to capture great conversations with the VIP guests and speakers at Video Marketing Expo ‘09.  The company’s founder Chris Justice called upon Dykeman to tap her authentic delivery and signature animated flair, in capturing the information that is cutting-edge and crucial for audiences interested in finally crafting their marketing initiatives for the 21st century. 


Kimberlie Dykeman has blazed a path as a unique on-camera personality both in Austin and LA.  For years, companies needing to transform their presence from average to extraordinary, have engaged Kimberlie to add a cosmopolitan layer to their reputation, with interviews, infomercials, online campaigns, TV shows, and commercials.  She is a turnkey solution provider as an on-camera professional and producer: in putting a voice and a face to their name, companies leverage the repurposable impact of engaging, storytelling video content to retain current customers, gain new clients, and attract larger corporate partners and sponsors. (Videos on YouTube (Slideshare presentation)


The Video Marketing Expo is designed to help anyone deliver compelling and entertaining online video. Educational sessions cover cutting-edge methods for producing online videos for marketing, blogging, lead generation, and social media. Speakers include: Brigitte Dale, The Bui Brothers, Brian Brushwood, Troy Lanier, and Giovanni Gallucci.   For more information or to register by phone, please call 1-800-457-0905 or email



Kimberlie Dykeman interviews real estate developer and church theater director turned suspense novelist Walter Krumm.  Novel “DIARY of a DEAD MAN” is a cyber-space thriller that explores the real dangers of online dating and social networking played out through cyber crime scam that preys on adulterous men.




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Kimberlie is the Host and Executive Producer of ShelfLife.  All author interviews available here.

OMG!  Steve Harper….I am kicking myself today.  I met this fine, motivational man months ago…and I confess I finally got to breaking the spine of his acclaimed book, “The Ripple Effect“, just today.  I knew it was in the house somewhere …but it literally jumped off my one of my many bookshelves last night, so I tucked it into my messenger bag for the morning.  When I woke, I gotta tell ya, I was soooo looking forward to my workout of what turned into 2 and a half hours of cardio-salsa!  I could not stop reading, for the combo of java and jolts of practical inspiration kept the pages a-turnin!  In a nutshell, this books reminds you of HOW to be a little more human in this jaded, all-about-me-and-protecting-mine state of society in which many of us exist.  And then it shows you WHY is truly benefits you …as in “what you give is what you invariably get.”  And it all begins with one of the first things we were all taught in life: talking to people.  Period. 


As Harper states, on his site: “The Ripple Effect” paints a tantalizing picture of what business (and life) can be like if only we have the courage to put people first.  Meaning, as Rollo May has eloquently put it, it indeed takes the courage to create everything in life which we may want, including relationships!  And part and parcel to this notion, it requires us to put people first.  Other people.  New people.  Complete strangers.  Old pals.  Family members.  Whoever…but just put the effort out there to place those folks in your proverbial path and find out what they need from you. 


When you make an effort, make a connection, figure out how to be “of service” to people…the ripple thus begins.  And it’s magical, folks.  That’s my little teaser for you.  You know how fascinating the image of a ripple effect in a body of water is, right?  Imagine how gloriously powerful that same outcome could be in your life when you choose to ripple some goodness into others’ lives without second thought.  Makes you wonder, hmmm?  I hope it makes you take action as well!  SO, go get your ripple on, folks!  Make a choice to make a change today.               -KD

Kimberlie Dykeman interviews Wall Street mover-and-shaker turned stay-at-home-Mom Wendy Walker.  Novel “FOUR WIVES” just released in paperback March 2009.  Walker is one of the  latest author additions to the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series, with her book for “POWER MOMS” coming soon to national bookstores. 

Indeed SXSW 2009 is in full force!! Austin is bubbling with the energy of a veritable mixed grill of artists, entrepreneurs, musicians, producers, performers, innovators, inventors and techies…all hoping to meet folks, share info, learn something, get discovered…and party! SXSW has brilliantly, albeit slowly, demonstrated and spotlighted what the future holds for these interactive, music and film worlds.

The reality :: the convergence of digital media and marketing, entertainment and technology is upon us and life is gooood if you can embrace the truths that come from this blending. To look forward, it’s essential to revisit the past, yes? So if you want to review the innovations, trends, predictions from thought leaders …take a peek of some of the fantastic, enlightening interviews I hosted at SXSW Interactive 2008, InnoTech Austin 2008, and Future of Television Conference NY 2008.

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