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Kimberlie Dykeman and Phenix & Phenix Publicity are heading back to the fabulous AMS Pictures studios to shoot the next episodes of ShelfLife on ShelfLife.tv. This latest series of author interviews and trailers will feature several authors from Brazil and a retired US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel. Shelf Life.tv is the homebase video channel from which each authors online PR campaign is launched. The web-based interview series is dedicated to spotlighting the real people, real purpose, and real perspective of some of the sharpest books hitting the shelves today. Together, published author Dykeman and Phenix & Phenix are definitely solidifying their names as the top choice for authors and speakers who want to capitalize on the power of the web!

Visit: www.shelflife.tv  or http://www.youtube.com/user/ShelfLifeTV

Visit: www.phenixpublicity.com

Kimberlie is also a newly published author, please visit: www.PureSoapbox.com

ShelfLifeTV logo   In preparation of launching an online channel, entitled ShelfLife.tv, Kimberlie Dykeman and Phenix & Phenix’s literary publicist team approved the video uploads of its first guests authors. AMS Production Group crafted its final edits allowing the viral distribution campaign to begin on YouTube. Book and author introductions are presented by the writers themselves, in addition to the one-on-one intimate interviews with Dykeman as both Host and Executive Producer.  The Shelf Life show concept of author-specific video presentations and marketing via Web2.0 and its social platforms was the main chatter at this year’s BEA Convention, the largest book conference in North America….and is exactly what the publishing world has needed. 


Dykeman heads back into the AMS studios on July 23, 2008 for the second shoot of interviews.  Indeed, the team of Dykeman and Phenix & Phenix Literary Publicists is definitely making a name for itself…and its published talent!


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ShelfLifeTV logo   The partnership between Kimberlie Dykeman and Phenix & Phenix Publicity has begun to take beautiful shape having wrapped the first shoot for its Online Video PR Campaign and web-based Interview Series dedicated to authors and their stories.  On its self-titled online channel, “Shelf Life” aims to deliver “Real People- Real Purpose- Real Perspective”.

  Since inking their deal, Dykeman and the team of literary publicists have been hustling to create a truly one-of-a-kind, cutting-edge interview experience for both the authors and the eventual audiences.  

KD and TS

“Seeing and hearing the authors speak of how their books came to be and their own interesting history literally breathes life into the pages.” says Dykeman, who carries the title of both Executive Producer and Host. “Audiences are going to be truly moved…expect to laugh and grab the tissues, folks!”

Authors included: Traci Slatton (Immortal) ; J.J. Austin, (It Starts With You!); Mark Pickering (Story of the Sand);  r.b. mitchell (Castaway Kid); Steve Simpson (Runaway);  Mike Thomas (A Harvest of Miracles) and Nate Self (Two Wars).



Dykeman’s relationship with Dallas’ AMS Production Group opened the door for their Austin studio to provide the perfect backdrop for this unique series.  Stay tuned for the official launch of ShelfLife.tv coming soon.  More can be read on www.phenixpublicity.com and http://www.phenixpublicity.blogspot.com.