Kimberlie Dykeman …the Next CODE Woman?

Dykeman does CODE!  No sooner had I landed in Austin, I was in the studio with the fab folks of CODE magazine for a test shoot for their upcoming online network.  After 3 weeks shooting infomercials abroad in the Philippines and about 36 hours of travel brew-ha-ha flying back to the states…the Louis Vuitton bags under my eyes were a make-up artist’s nightmare.  Nonetheless, primped up and polished off, I had a blast working with Executive Producer Rudy Germany to show my stuff as their fits online spokesperson for the relaunch of the magazine and new reveal of their cosmopolitan lifestyle channels targeting upscale multi-ethnic men.  Tossing out a British accent here and there for flavor, it was another day in the life …yet each on-camera experience adds another dollop of paint to the picture of the path I’m on.  So…watch out world, CODE Magazine might be delivering this blonde gal to your front….laptop?!

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