Kimberlie Dykeman Launches 21st Century SOAPBOX Interactive Speaking Platform

Just as Kimberlie Dykeman  is has paved a successful entrepreneurial career thinking OUTSIDE the box, her newly launched interactive speaking platform has her, literally, standing on one.  Plus she invites audiences to join her and get on their own proverbial SOAPBOX™.  Want to experience an “aha!”?  Get Dykeman in the room and get her new book, Pure Soapbox, in your hands!


“21st Century SOAPBOX™” emerges as a platform from which specially focused presentations, like “SOAPBOX™ for the Entrepreneur” and “SOAPBOX™ for the 9-to-5er”, are crafted.  Each is a compelling edutainment engagement that dares audiences to step away from conventional motivational lip-service, and embrace the forward thinking of yesterday’s and today’s most influential people.  SOAPBOX™ is designed to deliver a jolt of inspiration and humor to audiences who seek more practicality than the average reprocessed, cheerleading speech or DVD series can deliver.  Cleverly leveraging the wisdom of generational pioneers from John Quincy Adams to John Lennon, Dykeman pairs her unique, practiced A.N.S.W.E.R™ formula to show audiences just HOW to create a realistic AND optimistic path to Work Smarter, Feel Stronger, Look Better, Live Longer.  With clever questions targeting personal experiences and topical interests, each SOAPBOX™ stage is set for candid audience reaction and intimate revealing of heart-felt, helpful and humorous stories. 

So who is “21st Century SOAPBOX™”  for?  Anyone who’s ever had a Murphy’s Law kind of day …or month, for that matter!  Anyone just starting a job, raising a kid on your own, newly divorced, new to the city, trying to quit smoking or lose those 20 pounds…again, hitting the mid-life mark, upside-down in their home.  From weekend-entrepreneurs to isolated exec and burned out 9-to-5er, single parents to soon-to-be retirees …all facing the stress of cultural, economic and personal issues, while trying to make a living and a life!  Luckily, there’s a SOAPBOX™ with your name on it…to help you face your challenges, change your perspective, embrace the kid in you, take the road less traveled, and seize the day!  No candy coating.   No band-aid therapy.  Motivation with a swift kick in the pants.

GoTo: Pure Soapbox, email or call 310-500-9587 for more information and booking.

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