Kimberlie Dykeman Goes Live with Personal Blog! Finally!

Well…here we go with another site and blog to maintain.  I feel like I have a litter of “little ones” that need my attention all the time… , , then there’s all the networking sites.  But each has its own pulse, so-to-speak, and so is somewhat alive…as catalysts and receptors of idea, comments, conversations, tirades!  And how fabulous is that?!  So welcome, then, to the official launch of my personal blog, where I’ll scribble ditties of what’s going on in my life as a TV Host, Spokesperson and Producer and as a new author, of Pure Soapbox… And perhaps the next fab talk show host!  Hey, you never know!  After all…

        “Having a dream that you don’t pursue, is like buying an ice cream cone

and watching it melt all over your hand!”     ~ Anonymous

So…join me, folks.  Joke with me, jive with me and keep coming back!


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