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MEN: You can learn a lot about life from Fight Club

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a.k.a.  No one ever said: It’s all fun, games, flashy titles and big paychecks…          until SOMEONE has a heart attack.

So, I was all ready to pull out a pencil and legal pad (yes, I said PENCIL) to write up notes for this post- fully armed to hit on the dirty topic of EXECUTIVE STRESS and what the media is doing to make it even worse (while lining the pockets of snake oil salesmen) … but then Howard Schultz decided to interrupt.  Now, I gotta tell you, it was in the best possible way.

Before getting a workout at the crack-o-dawn, I ran in to my corner Starbucks for a half-caf blonde.  And about 3 hours later I received a survey request with a free star- which I decided to fill out, since I was still sitting reading morning emails. (For those of you with the app, you know stars are their form of crack.) Now here’s where things took a turn:

Besides asking if I was actually thirsty or hungry, these were the imposing, kneading and slightly LEADING multiple choice questions in the survey.

Did you stop in because …?

  • You felt busy or overwhelmed and needed a break
  • You felt tired and needed a pick-me-up
  • You felt like socializing and needed to spend time with others
  • You felt scattered and needed to focus
  • You felt like you deserved it and needed a treat

BAM!  And there it is.  Mainstream corporate marketplace, with its addiction-inducing/supporting retail mini-hubs, has its finger on the pulse of America’s worker bees.  This survey wasn’t asking if I was too lazy to brew a joe at 6am, ran out of coffee or loved starting my morning with something that brings back memories of my mom getting ready for work.  It was, essentially, assuming that I didn’t have my sh$t together. It wanted to get under my skin and see just how vulnerable I am to divulge personal, emotional information.

Mindfully concocted and strategically delivered by a think-tank of marketing wizards and media mongers, this survey pressured me to believe that this cup of spiking hot, brown water was ONE answer to my problems.  Just like the media-at-large, Starbucks is on-the-money: it KNOWS that folks are working themselves to the bone- hell, even to death.

Men don’t talk about Stress.

As I’ve been relaunching my coaching practice, I’ve been devouring studies, data, and details from my own research interviews of executives, thought leaders and their assistants …and a few things are UNABASHEDLY CLEAR:

  1. Technology has changed the landscape so much that we are actually gaining speed down towards an abyss of STRESS. More HIGH TECH and less HIGH TOUCH is short-circuiting our emotional, mental and social needs.
  2. STRESS is indeed erupting countless illnesses, causing mental strife, disrupting family foundations, creating career burnout, dividing communities and picking us off in droves.

#3 is actually reserved for the men… specifically execs and leaders:

  1. The first rule about STRESS is you don’t talk about STRESS.


I say that because it’s true. (Call it a blanket statement, assumption or stereotype… but I’ll ask you to prove otherwise with your own data, folks.)  So assuming no argument, most men don’t wear their issues on their sleeves, let alone ask for help, or divulge much in random retail surveys. And if you’re an Alpha male, executive, high-performance or highly-visible businessman- we’ll be waiting for Kanye West to make it to the White House (#VMAawarddebacle) before you fess up and let someone else HELP you become the man you’re killing yourself to be.

Mass media showcases elements of how anxiety and pressures swirling around work, family and health affect men… but they stop at getting to the meat of it all. They just keep adding to the number of gents searching “executive burnout” and “executive stress syndrome”. Reporters, hosts, bloggers and experts alike don’t really cut enough away to reveal the SOURCES beyond symptoms. AS if it would be almost insulting to mention that people DO PLAY a role in their own stressful circumstances.  And WE DO!  Makes you wonder: with the obviousness of societal stress growing like a weed… why aren’t enough people showing how to take responsibility and SOLVE their PROBLEMS?

Getting back to Starbucks

What if you were asked to fill in the email survey?  Would you actually take pause and take inventory?  Better yet, what if I were to just ASK YOU these questions… what would you say?  What if you just ASKED YOURSELF?

Are you really:

  • overworked
  • stressed-out
  • lonely
  • distracted
  • sleep-deprived
  • under-rewarded
  • discouraged
  • seeking camaraderie
  • needing to connect and share?

If any (or all) of these resonated with you, you can do one of two things, I suppose:

  1. Keep getting the sh%t knocked out of you in your very own world of Fight Club
  2. Choose to change. Choose to EVOLVE. Choose to LIVE.

I have chosen to focus on the SOURCE, folks.  Relaunching my offerings as a Coach, Confidante and Wingman whose bleeding-edge, timely solutions speak to the specific lifestyle and high-performance needs of stressed Executives & VIPs.  My unique packages include Lifestyle Coaching, Mini-Retreats, Assistant Integration and Wingman Detail.  ( – new site under construction) Humor yourself and take inventory, then give me a shout.

Thanks again for reading. Podcast available ASAP.


Kimberlie Dykeman

Kimberlie Dykeman Enterprises

Copyright by Kimberlie Dykeman
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Shift Your Perspective- for GOOD



16 years ago I found myself freezing my petunias in the tundra of Michigan (don’t ask why), driving a Ford Mustang (you know why), and managing a fitness facility while growing my business as a Certified Personal Trainer.  This meant getting up at 4am to open the doors at 5am for the handful of highly-devoted (and pretty damn spirited) members who no doubt slid their way off the main street into the gym parking lot.  During these quiet hours, I’d plan the sessions for my clients and review sticking points that were inhibiting their goals… not to mention attitudes.  (Hint: 1 hour with a trainer can be obliterated by any bad habit within a minute.)

Though I did experience successes with plenty of clients, a trend easily revealed itself: one’s psychology dictates one’s physiology, and vice versa.  The folks who were unable to handle certain sources of stress in their lives were having trouble committing to workouts in their own, changing eating regimens, getting enough rest…hell, even showing up on time for a workout!  I realized that “Give me 12 more” wasn’t cutting it when the client was struggling with an uphill battle of stress- revealing itself as poor memory, disorganization, loss of interest in activities, struggling marriage, lack of confidence, low libido, reliance on food or alcohol… the list went on.  (Trust me, I’d get earfuls of confessions…and details!)

Mind you, each of these folks could be categorized with a simplistic label, like Executive, Baby Boomer, Empty Nester, Single Parent, Entrepreneur, 9-to-5er, Unemployed, Retiree, New Grad, Newlywed, etc.  But through countless hours of conversations both on the clock and on my own time, it was also revealed that each person wore a plethora of different hats each day, juggling lists of responsibilities, and bravely facing unique situations concerning their boss, kids, spouses, deadlines, parents, pets, schedule, school, health issues, home, travel, age, neighborhood, technology, addictions, friends, carpools, church… you name it.  So… the SYMPTOMS weren’t the problem.  The PROBLEMS were the problem.

Don’t focus on the signs. Focus on the SOURCE.

And there it was.  My a-ha moment.  My leap from ground level to 30,000 feet that became the springboard to the last 15 years of my career.  It also became the tuning fork to my own life.

The lesson here: when you shift your paradigm from being reactive to being proactive you change  your own dynamic in any situation.   I think the renowned director, author and screenwriter Nora Ephron nailed it with one simple charge:

Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.”

So, yes, those crack-o-dawn, cold, reflective mornings, were the foundation to the groundbreaking methodology I brought to Austin back in 2000.  Over the years it has indeed evolved- especially with the acceptance of and explosion of the coaching market- but it is still soundly based on respected science, diligent research and demographic-specific observational experience.  So, yup, I’ve done my homework. But the means with which I deliver tools, guidance and in-the-trenches action is even more profoundly progressive as of late -perhaps, somewhat aggressive as well. “Give me 12 more” was definitely just a starting point to my own process of learning; an ever-evolving process that confidently equips me to motivate, advise, encourage, collaborate with, educate, entertain and activate folks to find solution by focusing on the source.

My own evolution as coach has taken me on quite a colorful journey (Proof:  Coming from a diverse family line of teachers and professors, I like to think I’ve found my own unconventional, but still wonderfully valuable, way to impact people’s perspectives.

I leave you with this:  take the leap to 30,000 feet, my friends.  And if you need a wingman… give me a shout.    ~KD


Kimberlie Dykeman

COMING SOON: Dykeman’s latest venture.  If you’re a sharp cookie, you have picked up that it’s along the lines of coaching, but things are still in stealth mode.  Feel free to reach out, though, to ask questions, share your story, or be one of the first to experience a definitively different methodology!

Copyright by Kimberlie Dykeman
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Evolve or DECAY!

Indeed it’s been a long time coming.

First off, THANK YOU for tuning in – as I know your time is limited, precious and packed.  That said, I ALSO KNOW you like to be distracted (thus,, FB (still!), and 4,000,000 cat videos);  you’re curious and love to absorb info from this internet thing; and you enjoy seeing what characters like me are up to with our latest entrepreneurial ventures (at least that’s what you folks keep telling me)!

This is the first in a series of notes leading up to an official announcement.  No, I’m not running for President, not engaged, not pregnant, not moving, not joining the Duggar clan, and not launching an App to find a restaurant (or date). I know you’re thinking, “Geez Kimberlie, that pretty much cancels out everything I was thinking of.  Do tell!”

So this note is a bit of a teaser. And there will be more.

As a refresher or a totally new inside scoop for some folks, here’s a quick summary of my career path (minus the few years after college where I traveled around the country, made fabulous friends, took chances, and realized that there really wasn’t a JOB TITLE that suited me):

KD CAREER INFOGRAPHICUnlike many folks, I didn’t shift from one title to another- instead I added each new role to my plate and kept juggling the whole enchilada…which took a crapload of effort and energy!  Toss in a few years with mercury poisoning and it’s a wonder I didn’t book a room at Seton for a few months!

And then, a  LIGHTBULB went off in my noggin- and I know it was/is God telling me to go back to what is real, right and true. The s-ha reminded me to take a good look at my personal mission statement:

“Everything I do serves to motivate, entertain, and educate folks to live fulfilling lives with newfound perspective, unshakable optimism and dynamic purpose.”

Well, I realized I’d drifted and let up on the focus, enthusiasm and passion I used to have in upholding this promise to myself.  And I knew IT HAD TO CHANGE RIGHT NOW.

“Everything will change.  The only question is growing up or decaying.”     – Nikki Giovanni, poet

So, what does that all mean now?  Well, I am PUTTING MYSELF BACK ON TRACK by taking yet another leap in my career!  (Though, ironically, it is a leap that brings me 100% back to the beginnings of my life as an entrepreneur.  Hint, Hint, Wink, Wink, say no more!)

I’d love for you to stay tuned & keep your fingers crossed, of course. and are being totally renovated- so please excuse the broken links, old material and wonky stuff that looks out of place.  What’s OLD will be NEW again!

So, cheers to the possibilities, folks.  And if I could hope for one take-away for you.  Right now.  Reading this.  I’d say:


~ KD



Copyright by Kimberlie Dykeman
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Kimberlie Dykeman to Host Interviews at Houston Restaurant Loss Prevention Event

TV Host and Expert Interviewer Kimberlie Dykeman has been engaged by EyeOnLP, a division of x-based LP Magazine, to host thought leader interviews at the Metro Houston Crime Conference produced by the Restaurant Loss Prevention & Security Association (RLPSA). Held in downtown Houston April 28th, the leaders of LP Online chose Kimberlie to help kick off this year’s event… and add her signature spice to conversations with top loss prevention technology vendors and industry editors who specialize in the restaurant space.  This month’s national conference will bring together influencers to bring awareness, open discussion and solutions, and to better prepare LP and Security teams, as well as law enforcement entities. Key stakeholders including Houston Mayor Pro-Tem, District Attorney and Sheriff of Harris County will discuss crime-fighting strategies with Loss Prevention and Security Professionals.

This is the first time Kimberlie will be working with LP Magazine, who has been a trusted authority for growth and innovation in Loss Prevention channel reporting. Fingers crossed, Kimberlie will continue to build a relationship with LP through its EyeOnLP division.

About LP Magazine:  The voice of loss prevention since 2001, features in-depth articles and columns in both print and online, with podcasts, videos, and social media sites.

About RLPSA:  An exclusive community of restaurant loss prevention professionals focused on helping its members minimize losses and reduce liabilities, to positively impact company profitability.

About KIMBERLIE DYKEMAN: For over a decade, Kimberlie has built a successful career on as a host, spokesperson, and communications & brand launch specialist working in Austin, L.A., NY, and internationally. She has appeared in and helped produce a collection of hundreds of TV and radio programs, infomercials, commercials, live events, product launches and web series videos for startups, startovers and household brands. She has interviewed hundreds of thought leaders, authors and personalities including execs from Hallmark Channel, Cisco and Microsoft, and celebs like Elton John, Guy Kawasaki, Andy Roddick & John Legend.

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changelogoYup, it’s been EONS since I posted.  So many rare and odd things have happened in my life since November. My, my, my… the stories I could tell, and the things I’d rather not see again. Onward and upward, right?  And so I have wholeheartedly elected to don this year with the title of…wait for it…THE YEAR OF GREAT CHANGE.  Alas, not outrageous or creative in name, but it works for me.  Simple.  To the point.  And easy to chant during times of “I am close to wimping out on making a decision and taking a leap”.  In a nutshell its message reminds me, lovingly, of the phrase that a workout partner used to yell at me years ago when I was trying to eke out the last reps or try something completely out of my comfort zone (and yes, he was an Italian muscle-head in a torn tank top, but kicked my butt as needed!)

He’d shout: “LOSE THE SKIRT, DYKEMAN!”  And I loved it.  And I DID!  And the results paid off.

So, in my Year of Great Change, I have begun with a few curve balls for my old patterns:

  1. The trademarked pixie haircut is G-O-N_E, my friends. Yup, I finally suffered through the kimberlie final jpeg copy small-head2torment of letting the layers grown out…beyond my little ears…down my neck…and en route to my shoulders.  Holy S&!T I look like a different person. For now, you’ll have to believe me and find me in a crowd, as I am still trying to figure out how the heck to style this mop of blonde!  I am open to suggestions, after all, it’s been about 15 years since I’ve been able to make a ponytail.
  2. I changed my whole place around- painted the kitchen cupboards, sold furniture and cookware, bought new pieces and rearranged the whole scene…and I love it.  Walking downstairs in the morning to see the warm, French yellow kitchen, new decorations and art, and new coffee mugs makes me smile.
  3. arctic fossil crossI started to really LISTEN to and APPLY what I am learning in the church sermons delivered at Grace Covenant Church by the fabulous, flawed, humble and honest Matt Cassidy.  Finding FREEDOM in timely, time-endured messages has taken a burden off my shoulders.  I’ve also realized that it’s much easier to step away from relationships with folks who really don’t match up to my own moral code and chosen path in life.  Simply put, judging others, bowing down to money, making entitled assumptions and slamming Christians doesn’t make up for having the same appreciation of Ferris Bueller, boxing or Rush (the OLD Rush, that is).  Heck, I can take a seat at any bar and wait about 2 minutes to grab a drink with a complete stranger and chat about these silly things that don’t really matter.  Nope.  Not for me. I want to surround myself with folks who have a much greater thing in common (yes, we’re talking about being a Christian) and with whom I don’t need to defend my faith… like it’s a controversial band or political event.  Knowing that I’m connected to people who thank God when things are fabulous and lean on Him when things are crappy… and pray for me when I ask for cheerleading and support… well, that feeling can’t be emulated or replaced.

Well, that’s enough sharing (soapboxing) for now… but there are more shifts on the horizon, and I cannot wait to see just how they unfold.  After all-

“Only those who risk going too far, can possible find out how far they can go.”  ~ T.S. Eliot

Until next time…  Be fearless. Be provocative. Be HUMAN.




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Kimberlie Dykeman ART: the perfect, original holiday gift

The world doesn’t make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do.”   ~ Pablo Picassopage-0

ART REFLECTS LIFE- BUY SOME!!! I know so many folks who, like me, attend art shows and market events and rarely pick up a piece for their own homes or as gifts. Over the years I have added to my own collection with prints, etchings, ceramics, glasswork-you name it. I have also GIVEN art (and not just my works!)- and the reaction from friends and family is priceless every time. ART REFLECTS LIFE- and touches people’s hearts like nothing else.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Gift cards are crap. Anyone can give an Amazon card or sweater or restaurant certificate. BE MEMORABLE! Invest in some art! I’ll help you! Here’s a coupon to my current listed completed works… I’ll even apply it to a commissioned piece you may elect to have me create.

HOLIDAYGIFTSALE2014 15% off $100 or more.  Peruse and get creative!

Happy Holidays!


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Kimberlie Dykeman Reveals Latest Signature Art at Holiday Event

IMG_2846What a joy-filled day! The Riverbend Church Annual Jingle Bells Market event was a blast and a success! All the labor-of-love work to create my art over the past 8 months; the challenge of designing an engaging set; and the painstaking set-up and break-down over yesterday and today (thank you MJ!) …was worth it. Yes, I sold oodles of crosses and hearts and cards and books. I earned several commissioned projects. I may have even booked a speaking engagement for a huge corporation. Amazing what can happen in a few hours.

But I didn’t sign up for this event to sell stuff.

I decidedly joined a host of wonderful folks who came together in unity, in a church, to share their passion for using their gifts to create beautiful things.

I helped support an event and organization that gives back to charities, our community and, perhaps, society as a whole.

And. Well. I gave myself a platform in front hundreds of people to be an artist for the day. Just an artist. I got to set aside business, bills, computers, doctor visits, workouts and worries… and be… an artist. That might not sound like a big deal, but think about it. When was the last time you actually shed your weekday, workaholic skin and just let yourself be in the moment…or be completely creative… or share your emotions with zero expectations? And let fear take a backseat to focusing just who is in front of you?

Well, today I crammed that all together into a day I won’t soon forget. The authentic, heart-felt conversations about faith, love, life, family and fears that confettied just a few hours revealed that indeed God is involved in the littlest details of our days. I had folks pray for me and with me; well up in tears about the moms they miss and their sisters who are fighting cancer; tell me childhood stories of joy and new homes and new jobs and awesome grandkids. Complete strangers became beautiful connections in a blink. And that is powerful.

Anyone who thinks we’re just a bunch of humans on this big planet, slated only to eat, sleep, work and repeat, and not part of a bigger picture… is a fool. I definitely don’t agree subscribe to that view… but I sure as heck will keep praying that you have your aha moment sooner than later!

And I’ll keep creating days like this for myself…to step outside myself, wear my heart on my sleeve, and be the person God created me to really be.     ~ KD

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Kimberlie Dykeman to Host Interviews at Leading Tech Conference

xchangeTV Host, Marketing Entrepreneur and Media Consultant  Kimberlie Dykeman has been engaged by XChange Events, a division of Boston-based The Channel Company, to host thought leader interviews at the XChange 2014 Conference.  Held in San Antonio August 17-19, 2014, the leaders of XChange chose Kimberlie to help kick off this year’s huge event… and add her signature spice to broadcast conversations with top technology vendors and industry editors.  This month’s XChange national conference will bring together 250 solution provider decision makers from across the US and Canada to focus on the latest and greatest opportunities in the solution provider community.  Speakers hail from VMware, Oracle, Symantec, IBM, Dell, Microsoft and many other industry stand-outs.  Kimberlie will be interviewing execs from global companies like Intel, Verizon, Belkin and Microsoft who will speak to the following topics:

• dynamic IT trends
• adapting business models
• developing actionable strategies

This is the first time Kimberlie will be working with The Channel Company, who has been a trusted authority for growth and innovation in IT channel reporting, providing Communication, Recruitment, Engagement, Enablement, Demand Generation and Intelligence services to drive technology partnerships. Fingers crossed, Kimberlie will continue to build a relationship with The Channel Company through its multiple established brands – CRN, XChange Events, IPED, and SharedVue.

About XChange : a powerful community of technology builders, sellers and buyers who gather to network, access market intelligence, and discover exciting new technologies and opportunities. Premier venues for face-to-face interaction between IT professionals for practically every market. Registration still open.  Event hash tag #xch14

About KIMBERLIE DYKEMAN: For over a decade, Kimberlie has built a successful career on as a host, spokesperson, interviewer and producer, working in Austin, L.A., NY and internationally. She has appeared in and helped produce a collection of hundreds of TV and radio programs, infomercials, commercials, live events, red carpets, product launches and web series videos. She has interviewed hundreds of thought leaders, authors and personalities including execs from Hallmark Channel, Cisco and Microsoft, and celebs like Elton John, Guy Kawasaki, Andy Roddick & John Legend.

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Stop being a bully- stand up to yourself and shine

intimidationdemotivatorThe weeds keep multiplying in our garden, which is our mind ruled by fear. Rip them out and call them by name.”     ~ Sylvia Browne, author and psychic

I recently met with a gent who is involved in the art community in Austin to review my work and talk about my vision, goals, etc. Not sure if I “qualified” for a gallery or show wherein my works might be spotlighted, I figured I’d tap some folks with more info of the scene and get to work on the presumed list of things to do to get one’s foot in the door…someday down the road, if ever.   The surprising depth of his questions not only forced me to honestly look at what I’ve been creating over the years, but his  frank feedback compelled me to acknowledge that I am, actually …an artist.  Mind you, when referring to my work I have always deferred to my self-deprecating humor and offered that I am just “making a mess in my studio”.  But to hear someone actually don me with the admirable designation of Artist stirred my perception in a way that I had not expected.

He went on to ask me about my other creative pursuits and I spoke of my other love…writing.   And I saw a pattern emerging.  Just the same of my art, with my writing I had never claimed any esteem, or stamp, or accepted any real praise until I actually had my own published book in hand…even though I had written for years.

And then he dug further (apparently having done some research on yours truly), asking about my experiences doing stand-up comedy years ago (practically eons).  And again, I down-played my work and success surrounding that craft, because I didn’t feel that I had deserved to call myself a comic.  Even with the scars and stripes from wild, sometimes harsh, often drunk, and definitely diverse audiences in clubs in NY, Florida, TX and holes-in-the-wall in downtown Detroit… I’ve always just offered, “Well, I used to be kinda funny.”

“Comedy is defiance. It’s a snort of contempt in the face of fear and anxiety. And it’s the laughter that allows hope to creep back on the inhale.”     ~  Will Durst, political satirist, radio host and writer

Again, though I had leapt into a yet another realm where one’s innermost feelings and thoughts and imagination are exposed and purposefully presented for the world to see, digest, judge, embrace and dismiss- I backed down from wearing a label that would have shone a light on my work and asked for attention to my triumphs.  Hmmm.

Why the hell have I been letting a WORD intimidate me?  After all, I’ve already jumped off the high dive multiple times, why was I trying not to make a splash?

It got me thinking about how I’ve perceived myself all these years, allowing myself to hide from or dodge each brilliant new monikers … even when they all indeed deserved to be laminated and hung on my neck for folks to see.  As an entrepreneur, I’ve never sported a TITLE… it’s always just been about wearing umpteen hats, juggling tasks, herding cats and doing the work that makes your heart sing (hopefully).  Labels never had a place in the mix.  So, I suppose, I have brainwashed myself into thinking that identifiers aren’t perhaps that important, or that they must have a stockpile of goods, evidence and testimonials to support them.

“Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb. That’s where the fruit is.”     H. Jackson Browne, Jr., author

That brief conversation with a man who barely knows me opened my eyes to a layer of self-imposed judgment that I’ve clearly allowed to dilute my own God-given gifts and fulfilled endeavors.  And fifty bucks says, this speaks volumes to many folks- who either see it or live it as well.  And so, perhaps it’s time to change.  Time to not let intimidation of our own minds dictate how big our spirits can rise. Time to drop the bowlines and unbind our vision of the past, present and future as we colored it.  Time to tell ourselves that we are worthy.     ~ KD 

Copyright by Kimberlie Dykeman

About Kimberlie Dykeman: Kimberlie Dykeman is an on-camera personality, marketing buzzsaw, producer, media coach… and entrepreneur for OPTIMISM.  Oh, and a writer, artist and quite the comedienne!

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Kimberlie Dykeman Enterprises- alive and kicking!

I am having a good-ole-time getting back to business… and it doesn’t hurt that I have a pulled in a fabulously sharp, driven and insightful marketing mind to support my efforts.

Chris Sommella is one helluva great asset to Kimberlie Dykeman Enterprises (hint, hint: look for more developments between our two businesses!).  Take a peek at his background as a media creation specialist as well as fellow producer and marketing buzzsaw.


One client on the docket now that KDE and Sommella have been collaborating on is an up-and-coming restaurant named Fork & Vine, an Austin Kitchen & Wine Bar launching this Fall.  KDE is managing and directing market research, marketing plan design, website consulting, content creation, media coaching and all social media, PR, and community event initiatives.

In a nutshell, F&V will be a totally refreshing addition to the Shoal Creek scene, and promises to shake up bygone traditions by pairing Austin-inspired (meaning eclectic!), multi-layered cuisine with an incredible selection of off-the-grid wine, crisp sake and craft beer in a down-to-earth, feel-good atmosphere.

Running the kitchen is part-owner Chef Camden Stuerzenberger, described by Austin Style Magazine as an “architect of culinary innovations at newer Austin icons.  He is the former Executive Chef and COO of Bess Bistro and Walton’s Fancy & Staple, and former Executive Chef of South Congress Cafe and Hickory Street.  Chris Howell is the on-site Sommelier who represents today’s modern wine expert. He’s an adventurous and sophisticated connoisseur with an accessible, laid back street trailer foodie persona. (FYI: he is the man behind Fat Cactus.  Yumm!)  Running the front-of-the-house is Christopher Diehl (lovingly referred to as the “&” in Fork & Vine) who strives for excellence from doorway to dishwasher, first sip to last bite.   He is a former Manager of Austin’s Perry’s Steakhouse and 15-year industry veteran.

All the details you want are here:   @forkvine  Plus the first press releases are out!


Another client is one dude you would never forget meeting!  The man is a whirlwind of optimism, ideas, activity and curiosity… which is of course why I just adore him and working with him!  Paul Hekimian and I met years ago when I lived in L.A. – a friend in Texas said look this guy up, and it turned out that Paul lived literally right down the street from me in Santa Monica!  But it wasn’t until I moved back to Austin that he had an “aha” to ask me to coach him in developing a platform for his public speaking dreams.  I had an absolute blast helping develop everything from his brand to pitch to presentation and marketing initiatives for about a year.  Come full circle in 2014, Paul reached out again for my expertise in relaunching his brand to encompass his growing breadth of business pursuits and continuation of his speaking platform, now in niche market.

Besides overall business coaching, KDE is assisting and directing market research, marketing plan design, website consulting, content creation and media coaching, plus social media, PR, and community event initiatives. Again I engaged Chris Sommella to  collaborate on the development of a fresh brand and killer website that encompasses all Paul can deliver!  Additionally, we had to figure out how to include Paul’s speaking offerings and tie in additional companies and nonprofits with which he is deeply integrated.  And so… World, meet the new Paul Hekimian…with his new umbrella company Pacific Street Inc., a consulting firm that empowers law firms and legal entities with cutting-edge technologies for business development, logistics, shipping, and court reporting.    And so much more!   Check him out here too:  @paulsitive

Copyright by Kimberlie Dykeman

About Kimberlie Dykeman: Kimberlie Dykeman is an on-camera personality, marketing buzzsaw, producer, media coach… and entrepreneur for OPTIMISM.

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