Strap in & let’s blow the doors off this year.


No self-help book can emulate just how one-to-one, laser-focused coaching delivers transformational communication, compassionate encouragement and action-oriented experiences that cultivate full spectrum changes. Survival of the Fittest™ uniquely maximizes the assets and strengths of a businessman (and Alpha male) to ensure productivity, remove performance challenges, eliminate toxic habits and breathe life into his life! As your Coach, Confidante & Wingman, I honor and cater to your challenges, lifestyle and personality. Learn to step out of your rut to get your A-Game back. Choose to work smarter, connect deeper, feel healthier, live happier and leave a greater legacy.

This is a unique, vital relationship: I am in your corner 100% to help you take control, take responsibility and take action. Enough with winging it on your own. Coaching can change your life, for the rest of your life. Your takeaway from our work together is priceless.

Duration/Location: TBD- In-person or SKYPE (remote or traveling clients).


Performance failure (on & off the field or course) directly stems from the greatest stressors that athletes and coaches face but avoid tackling. The list can be exhausting, often including off-season & post-career pressure, relationship & finance issues, staying motivated, dealing with success/media/fans, loneliness/team detachment and nagging injuries. Success in triumphing over every type of challenge, new opportunity or career shift is the direct outcome of the selection of a bulletproof support system. Phase-specific (amateur, pro, retiring) coaching reinforces the training gained from years in a sport and prepares you to make positive substantial career changes and life choices.

Show yourself and the world you’re more than just a player:  Enhance your innate competitive edge, improve your overall value, and thrive as a man beyond the uniform. Your takeaway from our work together is priceless.

Duration/Location: TBD- In-person or SKYPE (remote or traveling clients).


This is the ultimate experiential performance tool to leverage the power of recovery, reward and reflection time, while reinforcing our coaching work. Research proves that “recess” and immersion activities increase productivity, mental edge and physical energy, boosts outlook and creativity, and keeps your brain from hitting burnout. Each outing is your chance to tap your roster of favorite things, Bucket List, childhood memories, lingering fears and new curiosities.

Name your poison and we’re doing it:  Go-Karts, cooking class, shooting range, boxing, concert, improv class, scotch tasting, sailing, hot air balloon ride, COTA race, hike + kayak, karaoke, gentlemen’s spa, rock climbing, build something, fishing, car show… rob a bank?

Duration: 2 hrs – 1 day   Activity: Client’s choice. Door-to-door pickup & return offered.


Think of the countless times that you’ve wished someone had your back. Someone who provides unconditional support and encouragement, increases your overall performance, refines your situational awareness and knows how to silence the haters. Too often, a man’s best WINGMAN… is really a keen, savvy, trusted businesswoman who offers on-the-fly, concierge support.

Whatever you need, I’ve got your back: Dealing with your divorce. Support at high-visibility events and conferences. Shopping for a new suit and presents for your nieces. Venting over a scotch after an all-day Board meeting. Second opinion on life-changing decision.

Duration/Activity: Each detail assignment is TBD per event or request.


Regardless of the name of the company, sports team or organization you represent, YOU are your own brand… and every time you’re in front of an audience, you have mere seconds to connect with and win them over. It comes down to communication & listening skills, understanding of demographics, message performance and reputation. I use an audience-focused approach from my 16 years of on-camera hosting, motivational speaking, cross-platform production, marketing and PR/media relations to refine your front-facing brand.

Prepare to own your audience: When your interview, speaking and presentation skills are flawless, your perceived value goes through the roof. (And so does your confidence.) Learn how to prepare, perform and perfect any interview, video production, news update, product launch, event, conference and public appearance.

Duration/Location: TBD   Activity: Customized to your needs, goals and campaign or event schedule.



So much can happen in the span of a week- there are 156 hours of possibilities for the good, bad & ugly. To ensure momentum, communications shouldn’t be too damn regulated. I offer an open-door policy to call, email & SKYPE for guidance, encouragement, comic relief and venting.


Assistants and support people are pivotal players to your productivity. We leverage key relationships into our work flow to better juggle your schedule, anticipate issues and grow a camaraderie with your Radar O-Reilly that makes the office an even better home-away-from-home.


Thinking outside the box takes inspiration and insight from new experiences AND meeting other thought leaders. These low-key social gatherings give you something different to look forward to and change your prescribed pace of lame meetups and repeat poker nights.


Working with me will not make you a superhuman. But I am the catalyst to you becoming the man you’ve had in the back of your mind —perhaps even the one you aspired to be when you were a little kid. The one who digs his job, is successful and makes things happen, has a solid family, is the guy your friends admire, and who sometimes saves the day.


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